Good Morning Happy Frog

Buen Dia Happy Frog - Official Cannabis Wallpaper HD

This is a Happy Frog image, created exclusively for this our website. Inspired by the baby thermometer and a bud (you can find the original photo image down below). The bud symbolises a tree or new life, and the smiling frog symbolises happiness and medical marijuana in his hand symbolises struggle.

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Enjoy the wallpaper. We hope you’ll like it as we strongly believe the image is very nice. It is up there on top of the page in full resolution, just “Save as” it or tap to enlarge.

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Jamaica cannabis king - discover cute art gifts on deviant art - marijuana merchandiseOld Jamaican Rastafarian smoking a weed splif all day long, absolutely happy, absolutely stones - discover prints to have this happy face on your mug in the morning or a magnet on a fridge maybe?Sexy NASTY REDHEAD takes relax in the jungle, topless and the endlessly beautiful chickNasty-looking gorgeous woman smokes weed in the shade of jungle - enjoy her topless and enjoy her breasts driving you mad. I am already in love!Happy Pizza in Cambodia is a reason why Seam Reap is growing to cannabis destination on the world map - find this cute art with the beautiful ganja-girl and her lovely cleavage and a tasty-tasty marijuana-infused HAPPY PIZZA! Yes, that's right, the reality sounds like a dream at times, yu'nno ;-)

The original photo however was this:

The green angry bud of buen-Dia new cannabis strain & a plastic frog on a baby thermometer

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