Jamaican Wellness Tourism — Frequently Asked Questions

The pearl in the Caribbean and the unofficial mecca for marijuana lovers and supporters: Jamaica! Many may call it obvious that the country has already decriminalised the possession way-way ago, and now has applied for the next level of liberty which is medical use of marijuana. It is also said that the change may also affect the tourism economy of the Caribbean island, the wellness along with other medical treatment shall be suggested.

Jamaica Medical Marijuana Wellness Tourists Smoking Weed

Jamaica has a certain reputation in US and in the World which makes the implementation of the above idea to the real life somewhat complicated. The Gov’t however feels v-e-e-ry optimistic about the cannabis wealthy tourists crowding the country in the nearest future.

Questions & Answers

This section below is a quick reference guide to buying weed when on vacation in Jamaica, giving you answers to the most commonly asked questions. Find more details and information in ‘Buying Medical Pot In Jamaica‘ analytic research. And now the Short-Cut:

How much weed can I buy?
If you don’t want to fall foul of the law, you can possess up to 56 grams (or 2 ounces) of cannabis. Anything under this amount will only result in a low fine if you are caught by the police, and there will be no negative consequences for your long term criminal record.

What types of cannabis can I buy in Jamaica?
You won’t be short of choice when it comes to weed varieties on sale in Jamaica. While most of the strains are outdoor growing types, there are now a few indoor set-ups in the country which sell some of the exclusively indoor growing strains too, although these are more expensive. You will be able to find Indica dominant and Sativa dominant varieties as well as numerous hybrids which can give you the precise experience that you are looking for. There are also some very strong skunk variants available.

How much does cannabis cost in Jamaica?
Prices at the moment vary from seller to seller, however you should expect to pay around $100 for an ounce of weed, and possibly less. Some variants will cost considerably more depending on where you buy. Prices may start to change when medical cannabis dispensaries begin to open on the island.

Where can ganja be consumed in Jamaica?
If you want to stay within the law, you must only consume marijuana on private property, however it is unlikely that you would get into any trouble if you blaze in public, although discretion is certainly recommended.

Is it Legal to take weed bought in Jamaica out of the country?
Whether you are leaving Jamaica by airplane or by ship, you still cannot take any weed that you bought on the island home with you. All marijuana products which were purchased on the island must be consumed there with no exceptions. Jamaica’s drug trafficking laws are very strict, and if you try to take weed out of the country you will be arrested. If you can’t finish your stash before returning home, you should donate it or sell it on to another holidaymaker before you travel.

How can I buy weed in Jamaica safely?
Although you can usually get your hands on cannabis in Jamaica pretty easily and safely, there are some situations where you should take care. Remember not to go anywhere alone after dark, especially if you are female, and inspect what you are being sold to make sure that it is actually what you are paying for. Avoid buying from anyone who approaches you in the street or on the beach – it’s best to ask for personal recommendations so that you can have the best chance of being set up with a reliable and trustworthy seller.

Although Jamaica still has a way to go before it finally legalizes the use of weed, the moves over the last two years have been in the right direction, and now it is safer and easier than ever to get hold of marijuana during your vacation.

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