What I’ve learnt cooking and munching edibles

I’ve tried marijuana edibles for the first time in Amsterdam years ago, then in Cambodia, the beautiful experience full of discoveries, many agree that edibles give a different trip experience. In AMS in coffeeshops they were serving infused brownies, I’m sure they still do. I heard a lot about space cakes infused with marijuana, so I found the right place making weed brownies and I ate few in one sitting knowing nothing how it would be, eventually the trip was HIGH. And very different to smoking.

Amsterdam edibles

I didn’t expect how potent and how soon it would hit the target and I ate few chocolate brownies in one sitting, and this is how I realized (about 20 minutes later) that the hit comes way later comparing to a smoke. Way, way later, and way, way heavier. No, no, no regret I’ve felt, however in a moment I remember I even wished it stop working but it didn’t stop, because the edibles do not stop, they go through digestion, slowly and steady, regardles of your wish, all the way. Comparing to regular smoking, the effects from edibles do not arrive in waves, there is no peak as per my feeling, so to say, but the are constantly high, er, very very high, skyscrapper high. No Coke, no coffee or tea weaken the effect, it only get stronger as you stimulate digestion to continue taking anything in. This is not a scientific article, personal feelings only.

Edible Cannabis Brownie recipe - toy tiger

Marijuana infused brownie, a yumm cooked at home

Marijuana infused brownie on the picture, many count it as the most classic marijuana edible. Agree, it is in fact.

If I want get high, yet I am not already high enough, I’d better puff a small bud before cooking and eating edibles. Even more if it’s cooking ahead (rather than buying them) then why not light up twice. Doing so I shall not eat too many edibles too early, but give them process through a body’s digestion proper time, slowly, waiting 20-40 minutes at least or even longer, after first 20-40 min this is only the beginning. Edibles suggest the longer you wait the higher you are; a sort of vice versa comparing to smoking; believe it or not if edibles are good they will not end soon. They are long and very slow.

After the effect is going down, a good idea is to eat something. The digestion is already sleeping after a while, and taking a meal shall re-activate it again and it’ll start processing the remains of marijuana in a stomach along with the new food. If the edibles are properly infused then most certainly they shall hit twice, all because are slow, totally not alike lighting up.

Cambodian Weed Pizza

Once taking a visa run in South East Asia (this is when one cross the border to and fro to reset a period of stay in another country) I’ve happened to come to Cambodia. The place was a small touristic town Seam Reap, next to Thailand border, where the Angkor Watt rests in the jungle. Except the necessity the travel eventually was a very cultural trip.

Wall of Angkor Watt - two ancient warriors, south east asia

Wall of Angkor Watt, Cambodia, Seam Reap

Yet another BIG surprise (beyond the historical riches of Angkor Watt and the artistic sceneries of a pre-historic war on its walls) was “happy pizza”, that is how they sell marjuana to tourists. Happy pizza, you guess, is a weed pizza, available in many pizza restaurants (I only need to wink to a waiter and say a keyword like: “I want it happy, make it happy”) and what they bring will contain more weed than cheese! I dare to say: the finest weed.

Marijuana in South East Asia, Cambodian Happy Pizza Restaurant, Seam Reap

Image is a courtesy of “Happy Special Pizza” resto, Seam Reap

I read in a forum befeore that, a guy was describing his experience in a Cambodian happy pizza resto: “And later I felt a Frodo going into Mordor”, I didn’t believe first but I do believe now. And because I didn’t risk to search for weed as buds in the country, because I thought it was totally illegal in Cambodia (Lesson 4), but I got to know that weed is still available “as a spice for cooking traditional recipes”, that is why I ate my pizza all. Ho ho ho.

When I cook edibles, I need not making them very potent as per each piece. If I enjoy food and gonna get munches later any way, I’d better make small infusion per piece that shall keep my mouth chewing and my trip ongoing in a pleasant mild manner. Eat one brownie or two, or will it be a candy, a pizza, and then wait-wait-wait resisting munches — bad idea, I’d better keep chewing.

For me it’s better a whole lot of candies or other cookies instead, and just be munching them one by one all along: in the end it’s same amount of weed in the system and a lot of candies in a belly (or cookies). Consider the summary dosage not per piece, and especially when in home conditions there’s no need to run for ‘the highest potency ever in each bite’ but thoughtfully count the overall dosage. Again: very low are the weed edibles AND more important: one gram burnt delivers smaller effect than one gram eaten, practically no lose of material, if properly decarbed before cooking and the cooking got processed in proper temperature regime. That’s my personal experience.

By the way, always, always read laws carefully for the best trip. Decarbing provides a lot of smell, and there can be angry neighbors when you do, don’t let them spoil the whole idea, read the laws once and enjoy it all later. Knowledge is power, yun’no.

Wikis and other sources may broadcast unintentionally inaccurate information, or outdated. Including, but not limited to this website. The Cambodian pizza I should end up in a hotel for the best experience, grabbing half as a take-away from that restaurant.

No, no, it’s not like ‘what a pussy’ you’d better believe it: that pizza contained the unreasonable amount of buds, especially for consuming this amount as an edible (see the picture — unreasonable). A f*ing WILD experience. That ‘Frodo’ in that internet forum was a f*ing mild comparison. No, no, no regret at all, a whole night of the trippy “Civilization 5: Beyond the Earth” (the game) and no regret at all. I ♥ Cambodia.

Thu, 18/Mar/21