Marley Natural® company starts selling weed in Bob Marley’s museum in Jamaica

Marley Natural® company, owned and managed by the Marley family in colaboration with Docklight Brands, has recently announced about launching its first cannabis shop remarkably right in the Bob Marley’s former house which is now the Bob Marley’s museum, in Kingston, Jamaica.

Bob Marley wax figure at Madame Tussaud Museum London

Image (CC0): Wiki File

Museum link: Madame Tussaud Museum, London

“Along with music, herb was such an important part of my father’s life. He was always a strong advocate for marijuana and all of its healing qualities. We are thrilled to honor him and his contribution to the world of music and now cannabis at the Bob Marley Museum,” — said Stephen Marley, BUSINESSWIRE reports.

Marley Natural®

Marley Natural and Docklight Brands own the exclusive rights for the cannabis products under Bob Marley brand, this includes cannabis paraphernalia, also pre-rolls and buds of the exclusive marijuana strains, both psychoactive marijuana (thc) and cbd-products. One can find more information on their website, which I found curious to explore.

Marley Natural Collection

Image: Marley Natural Collection, Bombaata Marley

The museum dispensary will not be the only store selling Marley Natural’s products, however it be the first and the flagship store which is pretty logical as of the remarkable historical spot, the Bob Marley’s own house.

“We are bringing Bob Marley’s belief in the positive potential of the herb to consumers worldwide through anchor brands Marley Natural® and Marley™ CBD, which offer a wide range of authentic products inspired by Bob’s spirit, ideals and deep-rooted respect for nature. THC products include flower, pre-rolls, smoking accessories and edibles, while CBD products span beverages, topicals and confections. All crafted with intention and respect.” — Docklight Brands (BUSINESSWIRE).

Weed in Jamaica 2021 update


Under Jamaican law, since 2015, weed is legal for everyone: residents and tourists may possess and consume for the formal medical purpose, as soon as they are of a legal age of course. This is said about medical marijuana, however recreational is not clearly allowed and not much disallowed either. Possession less than two ounces (56g) may inflict a fine of about 5 United States dollars, do not have more than that unless you are a Rastafari officially (see below; and do not forget to check on laws before any action; this website gives no legal advice).

Medical may be psychoactive

Sources say the definition of medical use is hazy and not much restricted to CBD but may also include the normal amount of THC, and that tourists may obtain a prescription by just swearing they feel sick enough and really need marijuana as a medicine. For commercial growing and distribution the license is required, all licenses are medical, and several resorts and dispensaries offer weed to tourists as part of their spa and medical programs. Marley Natural is not a pioneer in this regard, but just the brand is beautiful and worth mentioning in this update.

Lighting up in public is not allowed for anyone, but in a special designated places. In the licensed resorts and spas providing weed as medicine or as a part of spa programs, sources say, there are weed lounges.

Weed for Rastafari in Jamaica

For Rastafari (the followers of Rastafari religion) there is no limit for cultivation, transportation, possession, so they may grow, carry and smoke as much marijuana as they need for the religious purpose. They just may not sell it and may not consume weed in public, which is not allowed for anyone in Jamaica. The consumption of weed by a Rastafari is supposed to happen in the places of worship.

Wed, 09/Jun/21