The Importance Of Medical Marijuana Genetic Library

Growing a plant from a single seed is every time the magic and the magnificent moment. Seeds are the basis of the genetic storage, or genetic bank whatever you call it. And every seed is a unique piece of Universe, like every of us – an individual carrying individual properties. And every seed shall grow individually and shall be giving individual reactions on what kind of next agricultural knowledge you are going to apply to it.

Cannabis Very Healthy and Good Looking Clones. They Shall Grow to be First-class Marijuana in three months!

Here lies the problem with the seeds – you actually never know what is best for your ongoing plant: PH-level? Type of fertilisers? You actually never know the plant and maybe too short of time to understand each of them that deeply.

Imagine twenty pets or one hundred pets and every is a unique character, sometimes a naughty type of character, sometimes too weak, sometimes too strong. How to handle? How to keep things more-o-less predictable?

Ganja Girls - Growing Marijuana from Clones or from seeds?

Genetics Is A Simple Solution

How to solve this “problem”, and it is a problem. The answer is Genetics and the Cloning like those perfect warriors in the Star Wars series. All are perfect and no one unique. This is what happens when you grow your medical cannabis plant not from every unique seed but cloning a baby-plant from mother-plant every time, again and again. Same perfect level of Marijuana you shall get.

Marijuana Genetic Library is Essential

For a professional cannabis grower (and every of us is a professional as soon as medical agriculture and pot farming becomes your best hobby, consumes your time and gives you tons of discoveries) it is essential to have a genetic library, or genetic bank, whatever name you like for it. This shall solve the other essential problems like which temperature fits the best, what kind of light and soil and fertilisers shall affect the best number of trichomes – now having cloning you have plenty of time to discover the best recipes to grow that mentioned “perfect warrior”.

How To Clone Marijuana Plant

This is what agricultural professionals do through, maybe, thousand years already with all kind of plants of different purposes: Select the “donor plant”, sometimes they call it “mother plant”, and cut a healthy-looking branch from it. Basically, the one you’ve liked. Simple as that!

Here we go the Hints:

1) Use a very clean instrument. It is also a surgery for the cannabis plant, you damage it, it is distressed, and then it reacts to the damage. No need to explain why the instrument must be clean, or even extremely clean for the surgery.

2) Pretty same reason (because it is a surgery for the cannabis plant) for having this already clean cutting tool that you use, scissors or a blade, sharpest possible to provide less damage.

3) The direction of a cut must go at an angle, not 90 degrees, but a diagonal angle, roughly 45 degrees. Make the cut close to the main stem.

4) Choose the branch with few nodes. Say 3 to 5 nodes. However this is also a creative work, by means — perform your own experiments. Just remember keeping notes of what you do 😉 After all you need a “genetic library” to succeed with your genetic experiments over cannabis, but be patient and attentive, it’s not one or two attempts, and it’s not one or two cuts:
Marijuana Clones in the Genetic Bank

5) Make the full operation while the vegetative stage of the mother plant (pre-flowering). It may also work while flowering, but then it is a greater distress for the clone plant. After the cut the new clone will apply for vegetative stage, but if it was flowering a-minute-ago then the whole situation form a greater distress for the plant.

6) The following rooting may take one-two weeks. Put the clone plant to a moisture environment with the lower end of it in water, until the roots start appearing, then send it into a pot. One-two inches of a new root is already fine, but then:

Make your own experiments

Every plant is a unique piece of Universe, while the clones are not! Try different ways for the clones from same mother or different mothers, make notes of what you do, and you’ll finally discover the best algorithm of your own for your own “perfect warrior”.

7) To improve the rooting some growers cut half of leaves of the clone, so that having smaller leaves it’ll give more efforts to the roots and the last may become stronger.

8) Notes are essential, right because it is a sort of a scientific hobby. Mark the pots with clones, put the labels, note all steps of what you are doing to them, where you cut from, when you cut, how long were the roots, etc. etc. This all shall allow you to come back to what was happening, what was good and what was not.

It is a creative process — don’t be shy with your own experiments.

Good luck, Growers!

Sat, 22/Jul/17