Elements Cannabis Plants Want from You (How to Make Indoor Weed Naturally Natural)

You are going to grow all-organic, totally-natural marijuana, very delicious and potent, and the first thing you focus on then is reaching the most natural environment for your cannabis plants in your indoor garden, as the very first priority. It is a very feasible task, much more than many of us think in the beginning, and it may happen to be eventually even a cheaper solution, even if we speak about the indoor marijuana garden. The prize will be the buds you have never had before! You only keep in mind the most important and essential thing is understanding the nutrients for your whether indica or sativa or whatever else type of marijuana. And herein we tell the tips on how you gain the best harvest in the world!

Organic Marijuana Growing Vs. Unnatural

For the sake of bare facts, those human-made (“artificial”) nutrients are not totally inorganic because marijuana plants and all plants “eat” ions, the basic elements like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, etc. Among others, these three form the NPK formula, famous in the cannabis space. Read on to find out about it.

However, let’s call those out-of-the-box nutrient-blends “artificial” for the reason that they are not produced out of zebra’s poo. The issue with them is in the material into which the basic nutrients (NPK and others) are encased: for example, it may be gelatin or liquids or the other one containing nitrogen, phosphorus, etc. They are one of the easiest ways to develop the marijuana plant for an amateur, but the basic material, that gelatin or something, may give foreign smells and tastes, And, of course, the resulted buds shall never be the same rich, authentic, unbelievable and indescribable compared to the stinky-sticky dank supported by zebra-poo nutrients.

How do plants consume the natural organic nutrients? The microbeasties living in the soil help — they consume the organic matter living ions for the plants.

The Soil is Everything

The main idea of the totally organic growing is “Just Add Water”, so the main job for the grower is to copy the totally wild environment beforehand. Therefore, the soil blend is the most important for having all the afterwards process of the organic marijuana growing easy, pleasurable and effective. And that soil must contain all natural stuff, including whatever you want to include to engineer your future success, including a reasonable amount of dung, including small little beasties: they help to convert the organic matter in the soil (zebra’s poo) into ions for the roots to absorb them. The microbeasties shall need oxygen, that is why you want to ventilate the soil. And you do not buy them from a pet-shop, except for worms, and such may mean the experimentation shall be taking soil from different sources (where there is such an opportunity) and then watching what happens to your marijuana plants.

No PH trouble ♥

The soil is hell important when it comes to the organic weed farming, and especially indoor because you need indeed to emulate the whole system to be very close to natural. This may sound like a headache, but you win in the end the beautiful marijuana buds so dank that you’ll never get back to the “easy way” anymore. And there are certain advantages — for example, the natural environment aids for indoor cannabis to stay healthy, resist better, alike to any living being the nature helps a lot, — and — you care less about the PH level when watering, or even do not care at all, because there’s nobody sitting in clouds with PH-meter every time before it starts raining in the wild nature!

Better soil — bigger yields, and you obtain those HIGH yields utilizing the process of nature! Translates to quasi-automatically: choose the soil or blend it, and the effort you add on top is only pure water and, of course, love. Once you try the “organic” way, you’ll never actually want the previous QUALITY suggested by the synthetic nutrients (they aren’t bad, they give other fruits, and convenience, and an optimal timing, and the hydroponic garden is dope and great fun to have, however, the real difference there is).

List of Nutrients Cannabis Plants Want from You

Nutrients are all important, and they all form what nature has designed through the history of evolution on Earth for the plants to have them healthy and worthy. We break nutrients in groups by importance though they all are vital, altogether making the solid system of the cannabis plant working well, see the list below.

Monja Eating Natural Banana Fertilizer
Nutrients Cannabis Plants Want From You: Carbon, Oxygen, NPK


Remember the NPK formula:

N.P.K. is — Nitrogen (N) is always important yet the overdose may show purple on the stalk and up to leaves, mind that the purple color may also appear from cold or other stress; Phosphorus (P) is essential on the flowering stage; Potassium (K), where “K” for KALIUM in Latin, stands the strength of the roots, which in their turn result a stronger stem and a stronger everything.

CARBON is the basic material to build all cells, for you and for cannabis, that is why we are called “carbon-based life” here on Earth, and the plant takes carbon it from CO2, from the air, and Oxygen (O) also from the air, and Hydrogen (H) is taken from water because it’s H2O, and stands for building sugars and helps those microbeasties to work their magic.


Silicon (Si), Magnesium (Mg) makes the green stuff greener; Molybdenum (Mo), Chlorine (Cl), Copper (Cu), Sodium (Na), Selenium (Se), Nickel (Ni), Zinc (Zn), Boron (B), Iron (Fe), and Calcium (Ca) is often called “the trucker of minerals”, it helps to transfer all of them up along the cannabis plant from roots and also strengthen the whole structure in general, alike for the bones of human — WAY important!

* This is the reference material, and not an encyclopedia of science, as usual, however, we use it effectively feeling no problem so far.

Tue, 01/Sep/20