NYC is on the green side now ツ

Governer of New York, Andrew Cuomo, in the last day of March 2021, remarkably: hours before the Fool’s Day, has signed the historic Bill legalizing the use of recreational marijuana in New York. The document covers every aspect of recreational cannabis market, including selling, smoking, storing, growing, etc. — the NY Post states (pls check upon the original message before applying any action).

History in making

This is more than just a legalization in some city, this is the legalization in a historic and cultural center (one of them) and it is an important message to the whole world supporting the true intention of the USA regarding marijuana. Some may accept it as an excuse even for that half a century of prohibition and broken lifes of those who stood for freedom which we are gaining back now.

Immediate Effect

The Bill went into the immediate effect. Of course there are questions to solve regarding the commercial part of the bill, but right away one can light up in public, where tobacco use is already allowed, grow in home up to 12 cannabis plants even psychoactive, carry in a pocket 3 ounces (yeh it is a big pocket, hahahaha) and stock up to 4 pounds for personal use. Sharing to friends is also allowed even if a babylonic servant is watching, and no action he can apply until cash is used for the exchange.

NYPD’s issues

These are still having concerns even tho the whole country, and the government, and the United Nations, and the WHO are not. How surprisingly. The main message (temporarily?) remains to be ‘Drugs equal Guns’ but the hands are tied since now, thanks God.

New York legalized weed, yet NYPD still having logical concerns
(Copyright), 2019

We always say ‘Drugs equal Guns’. When you smelled weed, you could pull a car over. Now, you can’t pull them over. That’s bad, especially with all the gun violence going on. — NYPD says reacting on the new law.

Source: Fox News

It’s not exactly what is written

This is all the personal opinion and an humble analysis of the situation, also a subject for discussions and questioning. If you do not want it you do not read it. Remember also 21+ y.o. is the requirement.

It’s easy of course blame everyone in stupidity and corruption, where the first is the reason for the second. But let’s make a try find out the proper logic in the NYPD’s statement about guns and stuff.

It does not make them thinking every stoner want to commit violence, and they even realise it cannot be true, simply because the new law disallows cops to use marijuana within their service hours. That means they use it, and they say they are still to protect public health. Officially so.

But what is said — for decades they have been fasilitating the idea of looking for illegal guns by rushing upon weed stoners, because it’s been illegal to be a stoner. Therefore in the time of prohibition it was easier to distinguish between a random, say, house wife (who would be most probably scared or at least careful to touch weed even if wanting it) and another guy who was brave enough to disobey babylon even if ideologically —

— This approach simply narrows the search criteria even if in a totally wrong way: please please please do not freak out of the said, because the editorial is not on the the babylonic side neither supporting those babylonic methods, but we want to prove at least some logic to be humane.

Yes, Yes and Yes

No one want to work harder in vain. YES, they have missed out or simply neglected the proper development of ‘good’ methods applying the dangerously easy trick instead. Many our fellow stoners suffered for nothing. However YES, they are still as biological as we all are. And YES, it’s time for them to work harder, replacing anger with a good will:

Dear cops, please do so, we are all humans, we are all brothers, and color is only an optical illusion (Physics suggests), we are on the same planet, don’t you ever forget it. Godspeed. Selassiel !

Thu, 01/Apr/21