Passion To Marijuana Is Rarely Rewarded

Passion to Marijuana Graffiti

It’s easy to imagine an average consumer of alcohol, tobacco, sleeping pills. They are all around us every day enjoying their right of freedom to choose and whatever freedom it is in this particular case. And it is no surprise to see mothers and fathers loaded with the next-door pharmacy’s pills, of all kinds stimulating effects, in mind and behaviour. Even cigarette smoking even in the presence of children is not as denounced by the public as a simply harmless joint containing half-a-gram of medical marijuana, and absolutely no harm to the surrounding public and never in the middle of a cafe of course. More likely hiding in the far corner of a park area or some abandoned embankment, smoking marijuana you could gain a “strike” from anyone, the same citizen as you on the same street. May I ask – Why so?

Passion to Marijuana - Ganja Girl

Through decades, the information (sometimes inappropriately misinterpreted, sometimes really out of the context whether intentionally or not) has been indeed, well spread incorrect knowledge. Not involved in any cannabis activity, an average person has no idea about the “culture of consumption”. It’s a long way down the road to change it back.

Click the image to find more about the first nation in mankind’s known history experimenting with “legally regulated” marijuana:

Marijuana club operator Marco Algorta (by Nick Miroff/The Washington Post)
Marijuana club operator Marco Algorta is seen growing a strain known as “Colombian Red” in a rooftop greenhouse on June 22 in Montevideo, Uruguay, the world’s first nation to fully legalize cannabis. (Nick Miroff/The Washington Post)


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