Simple Guide On Marijuana Growing

It is a human nature to think more about good. Our brain has a protection mechanism that forces us to forget mostly everything that was not “comfortable” in the past. And the very same trait makes us to imagine the future results we are aiming to, rather than think about routines and labor that may lead us to. This is what happens precisely when performing sports, when you lie on the floor fainted and thinking bleary: “God! Why am I doing this again?” but in next 24 hours you are ready for a new round.

Introduction To Weed Cultivation

Before embarking to growing marijuana in home conditions, spend a minute to imagine that it is a cool hobby with the pleasant outcome but it is also a small agricultural project (means: labor). Obviously agriculture is always a labor, and hopefully this blog-post will help to understand few basics about what to expect. After all, growing cannabis or any other plant is a creation of new life and this is a wonderful journey full of discovery!

Marijuana Growing Stages

1) Germination

This is when a seed shows that it is alive and ready to grow. You put a seed into clean glass of clean water for about 24-48 hours into warm (25-30 Celsius or 75-80 F) and dark place. Wait until it absorbs water, and it’s well seen already in an hour or two. Sinking to the bottom is the indication that all is being done properly. If it does not then give it more time, say, extra few hours. Wait until the taproot shows up (this is the white thing going out from the seed). Simple as that. Then put the seed into clean dirt and switch to Seedling.

Hint: When putting the seeds into water, push it little bit down, so it’ll be covered with water completely, which will make the full procedure flowing better and automatically. Otherwise it may stay afloat and the part of a taproot which is not in water may change color, contacting the air and being dry, and this is not too good.

2) Seedling

Water the dirt before putting the seed into it. Then make a small whole by clean finger or a stick or a spoon, more or less 1-2 inches deep. Drop the seed down and cover gently with dirt, but not pressing or pushing, keep it loose, this will help the plant on its way up.

Embrionic Leaves of Cannabis Baby Plant

On the Image: First Two Embryonic Leaves of Cannabis Baby Plant. Nothing Similar to what We know as “Cannabis Leaf” from touristic merchandise. Next two (little bit seen on photo start appearing) are already have those famous saw-shape-edges.

The baby plant gives first two embryonic leaves (and they are nothing similar with what we know as “cannabis leaf”; see the image above) and this already may mean that we have all chances to succeed. The next two leaves will be already looking more like marijuana leaves. The seedling lasts for 1-3 weeks depending on conditions, and it is the next stage arrives when the plant has already 5-8 leaves. On seedling stage we also need the lights on for 16-20 hours out of 24 and we need watering along with spraying the leaves.

More about using the LED-Lights:

COB LED Light — Illustrated

A Complete Guide To Using LED Lights For Growing Medical Marijuana

Hint: Be patient. It is a plant and it is slow by definition. Once I’ve already start preparing another seed after two weeks no grow, and suddenly discovered in the next morning two leaves appearing. It just took longer. I can guess that was because of outdoor, where conditions are more severe and the plants need to be stronger before going out.


First of all Cannabis is a weed, which means it can just grow without you. Secondly, its original conditions are not humid, do not overwater it. Keep at least the upper 1 inch of dirt dry. Don’t worry, you will see clearly if anything wrong with the plant. Just love it from the first day and everything will be good! 🙂 I water 1-2 times only on the seedling stage: gently, not much, only moisture the ground well enough. Spraying gently on leaves (or allow rain if outdoor) is also healthy.

3) Vegetation, Or Growing

These are next 5-8 weeks, when your cannabis plant grows from few inches to be two or three feet tall. The light is essential in this stage, and it must be about 18 hours a day. As soon as the plant starts receiving less light (12 hours a day) it’ll break to pre-flowering stage. Watering, Light and Fresh air is all that needed.

Strong and Healthy Cannabis Plant Growing Outdoor

On the Image: Strong and Healthy Young Cannabis Plant Growing Outdoor In Windy Environment, which Makes its Stem even stronger! How Symmetric!

Hint: If the weather is good, say, 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, you can put the plant onto the balcony or any other outdoor place. This will solve the fresh air issue completely and free of electricity consumption with no extra coolers, if comparing to a growing tent. But the main thing is that it’ll make the stem and roots much stronger: strong roots and strong stem is everything, like a spine in a human body.

x) Cloning

In between Vegetation and Flowering stages you perform a cloning operations as it is described in another brief Cloning Guide by this link: The Importance Of Medical Marijuana Genetic Library. Obviously this is only for the case if you want cloning rather than raising it up from a seed every time.

4) Pre-flowering

On this stage it is already important to separate male plants from females to prevent pollination. As soon as female-plants not pollinated they produce trichomes, if they mess with the males the game is over. Keep an eye! A female plant, which will never produce seeds, is called sinsemilla. And this is the richest source of THC.

How To Distinguish Cannabis Males from Females

It’s simple, it’s “balls” hanging on male-plants, when the buds start appearing, and this shall happen when the light-regime switches to 12 on 12 hours. While the female-plants shall have white “hairs”, which are the trichomes.

Male Cannabis Plant With Hanging Balls

On the Image: This is a MALE CANNABIS PLANT With Hanging “balls”, while a Female shall have “hairs” which are trichomes

Female cannabis plant - how to distinguish

And on this Image, there is a FEMALE CANNABIS PLANT entering the flowering stage. Check how different are the nodes where flowers and trichomes start appearing.

What to Do with Cannabis Males

Just grow them to the end and then smoke them. There are from 40 to 80 cannabinoids in a cannabis plant. It’s not only the amount THC that is dependent on the “virginity” of your girls.

5) Flowering

These are next 8+ weeks. Adding nutrients rich with Potassium and Phosphorus can be good. Keep the light in the same half-a-day regime and wait until it’s ready for harvesting by detecting the condition and color of trichomes. Read the full article about trichomes by this link: Cultivating Proper Trichomes.

Hint: If you fond of chemical high-potential nutrients and fertilizers it’s better to stop adding anything a week or two before harvesting, so that you’ll smoke mostly cannabis when it’s done.

7) Gathering And Drying

Wow! We be high! Some growers cut only branches; some growers cut the full plant. It’s all up to your experience, feelings, esthetics or a space in your closet where you gonna dry them up. For drying attach the plants or branches up-side-down onto the string, same idea like you dry clothing after washing, and place this all into dry dark place. Discover the Guide about the proper time when to Cut A Cannabis Plant by this link: When To Cut A Bud.

Marijuana harvest is being dried

On the image: Marijuana harvest is being dried

8) Curing

Put the buds into glass jar; close it tightly not giving fresh air to come in. Make it is a dry room, to have the air inside the jar as dry as possible. Some growers recommend curing up to one month: the more you cure the more soft and tasty and it will be when smoking. And also your stuff will be more potential, as by curing you finalize the chemical processes in the buds (for your understanding, it’s same idea that is with the fresh fruits: they become more juicy if keep them a while after the grocery).

Mould Spotted On Marijuana Bud

On the Image: Resulting Wrong Curing the Mould Spotted On a Marijuana Bud

Hint: The mold and the fungi are your enemies in this stage. To prevent it — open up the jar once in a while to make fresh and dry air to come in; by doing so ventilate the curing environment and this will most probably prevent the possible moulding.

x) Post Scriptum

The essential advice is – keep everything very clean around your small cannabis farm on all stages, and yourself especially: Wash hands with soap before any operation, wash a glass which is used for germination, disinfect pots and all the surrounding, the floor around the pots, wash the tools (and especially when you cut a future clone), do not smoke nicotine right before you do anything to cannabis plant. Using tap water give it a day for chlorine to fly away. Etc. Etc. Keep it all clean.

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