Discover Stoner’s Happy Pizza, The Phenomenon of Cambodia and of the whole Tourism Industry

It’s not well-spread information (I’ve discovered it only when in fact landed to Seam Reap a small touristic town lying next to the ANGKOR WATT) that Recreational Marijuana is VIRTUALLY legal in Cambodia! Wow. They serve weed in a form of Stoner’s Happy Pizza. Technically speaking, it’s not much legal anywhere, a lot of regulations and limitations, including the countries marked as “legalized”.

Yah! Even in Amsterdam you cannot buy and toke marijuana as of provision of the law, weed is not much legal in AMS and all the Netherlands (as to the date of this message) to possess and to consume, you cannot buy a single bud, but just there is a sort of “implied agreement” in the country. Lasts for decades, and earns touristic cash, yet weed is not legal in Amsterdam.

Nothing in this article is a recommendation, okay?

The Legal Situation about Marijuana and Stoner’s Weed Happy Pizza in Cambodia. NB! “Found Empirically, No Guarantee”

You only imagine that in Cambodia it is VIRTUALLY LEGAL under certain circumstances one can cultivate in a household a reasonable amount for the purpose of traditional cooking. Boom!

Suggested one shall use that marijuana as A SPICE FOR COOKING TRADITIONAL KHMER (CAMBODIAN) FOOD RECIPES. This legal provision in fact is leveraged by the SMBs, small and medium businesses, around the country and especially in the touristic places. The bare fact is that MARIJUANA is widely used. Such situation is often called the “legal vacuum” and it serves well for the well-being of the country, and for the touristic industry especially. This is the way how they offer the Stoner’s Weed Pizza to tourists without a hide at all!! Amazing!

Suddenly the famed Cambodia Stoner’s MARIJUANA infused Pizza Is Called “Happy Pizza”

It’s not easy to find the Comprehensive Legal Information about Marijuana in Cambodia and especially about there Stoner’s Happy Pizza, because the official sources do not suggest English neither any other language but the Cambodian (I’m not sure if it called Khmer Language or something, but it is a relative language to Thai, you can imagine)))

The online internet media states contradictory facts. I’d only recommend do not let yourself forgetting that the country is still foreign to you, and any country of the world survives its own issues, and some of them can shock. But just stay on the legal side and double check with lawyers, which is a bullet-proof behavior, yet I’ve been there on the rilli low budget.

In general Cambodia for tourists is an extremely friendly place, if one watch around carefully, you know what I mean, hahahahaha ))) My first “issue” started right in the airport, but I passed thru it successful enough. Ugh! God bless us all!

Where to find and how to request Marijuana in Cambodia, served then in a form of that Stoner’s Happy Pizza

This or that after a couple of days in the country I’ve decided to close my eyes and make the brave step towards being stoned in Cambodia. My choice was a small happy pizza restaurant located on the Hospital Avenue in Seam Reap, reportedly serving the Marijuana Pizza.

Maps-app was saying they all serve and there is no just normal pizza, “because the Marijuana Edibles are the Traditional Recipes, and the only way allowed”, as I guessed later. A long story short my stoner’s adventure in Cambodia turned to be the UNBELIEVABLE and very PLEASANT experience, and especially in the reality of the Southeast Asia — the region I love even free of weed, and now I suddenly found weed there!

Cambodian Marijuana infused Pizza aka Stoners Happy Pizza in Seam Reap Cambodia

“Happy Special Pizza” in Seam Reap, Cambodia, is a HIGHly recommended restaurant in blogs if you look for Marijuana in Cambodia as a tourist!

They serve that HAPPY PIZZA in a totally crazy way, I’d say. I know what is cooking and how careful the cook might behave to make it properly and not to over-dose, neither to crash the potency of Marijuana… I do not know if they follow any rules (should be “yes” on that) but they bring you a regular looking pizza but topped with the ENORMOUS amount of Marijuana just on top of it, baked into cheese as of temperature. Melted down into cheese. And yes, did I say there was a HELL HUGE amount of marijuana. A whole ton of weed, a couple of handfuls per person of weed!

Mind your digestion unless you want a Lord-of-the-rings Frodo’s experience, haha

The digestion works slow slow slower than when we toke by lightning up, please keep it in mind whenever mess with marijuana edibles. The marijuana in Cambodia (at least the one I tried) was the madexperience, please keep this in mind too when mess with the Cambodian Marijuana Edibles. The weed they offered that time for me was the energy of the Cambodian Sun, I must admit. Very rich and very WILD!

Keep in mind the other “funny fact” about Cambodia (but check the legal professional if doing any action). I was told once by a Cambodian friend that opiates are VIRTUALLY LEGAL for the same purpose, which is religious ceremonies, also some cultural and such includes  translates into traditional Khmer (Cambodian) recipes as well as Marijuana. I have no idea if they do a mix or not, but I was HIGH AF. That’s how I found myself happy in Cambodia.

Happy Elephants as Marijuana Provides, the Cambodian Plug

In the Marijuana Restos in Cambodia They Offer Happy Hours For the Stoners Happy Pizza. Coooool

You only IMAGINE they offer Happy Hours for the Stoner’s Happy Pizza in the Marijuana Restaurants in Cambodia for tourists!!

HAPPY is the very word to find Marijuana in Cambodia anyway. Whether an app or a website or social network, any source may fail giving an out of the date information, as of my travel experience around the world. But your own eyes and a common sense are the things to trust.

In the touristic places the street ads shout HAPPY this and HAPPY that. There are “Happy Elephants”, “Happy Angkor” after the Angkor Watt of course. “Happy Anything” and looking eatable. I would not recommend be pro-active in this regard, slowly you hit the target, baby steps, as in any foreign country and eyes wide open 😉

“Happy” is the keyword and the password – I used it when ordering

To express my intention to GET HIGH, I followed the recommendation from the online chat with the folks who already passed the quest. I’ve ordered pizza from the menu, as soon as the waiter accepted the order, I added a wink and explicitly said “I want it happy, please, make it happy”. That time it worked for me.  Have in mind it is also legal to serve a normal pizza in Cambodia.

Cambodian Stoners Happy Pizza, Marijuana Traveler Report, Marijuana for tourists in Seam Reap

This is how appears the piece of Stoner’s happiness in the “Happy Special Pizza” Restaurant in Seam Reap, Cambodia, serving Marijuana for tourists. Yum yum =) Love yourself, Folks! Love you all =)

Sun, 18/Mar/18