The Name of Marijuana

Humanity gives female names to everything beautiful, often to beautiful and powerful together. Think about the magnificent tall ships, the glorious trade clippers, Christopher Columbus’ fleet, and the name he has given to the first island discovered, hurricanes in Caribbean, and among others – Marijuana which is a combination of Maria and Juana.


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Mary Jane at its turn is counted as a conversion of Spanish into English, where Mary is for Maria, and Jane is an equivalent for Juana, I dun’no how is that but people say so and that is how @MariJane has appeared, Ah!-Ja!-Ja! And the bottle of Ron!

Rumours say that the name was designated to fight against this plant. Back in the middle of the past century the Mexican culture was not totally accepted by mass population of the American society of those times, therefore a Hispanic name would play its part against the drug and that is how Maria y Juana got linked to cannabis. If this version can ever be true I can guess these two names are also most popular names in Mexico, if not the most popular two names together as soon as they use two names to identify themselves. Anyway, the story nowadays appears merely as a fine urban legend.


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