To CBD marketers: “It’s not the Wild West over there”, FTC says

Ole Ole outs in free! The FTC, federal trade commission, just spread around a friendly message about unscientific claims in CBD marketing materials which are allowed no more. That’s important, I suggest for the blogs too, just in case to keep things white, shiny and in alignment to law, everyone wishes on oneself’s website of course

It’s Not The Wild West Out There

— says the saying in FTC official website. And it simply means but not limited to that (finally!!) no one can invent freely anymore the medical issues that cannabis solve, it’s over now, and it is a good news for us for the cannabis market.

In fact, health-related representations for CBD products are subject to the same established requirements of scientific substantiation the FTC has applied to any advertised health claim. So for sake of trustworthy information spread all around to end-consumers this enforcement is supposed to sweep any unproven representations that CBD products would treat diseases like cancers, diabetes and other serious medical conditions.

The Official List of Approved Claims

The Full List Of Approved Claims Here (FTC)

Despite what they say…(about CBD)

FTC list for CBD marketing products

By far this is the official list of health conditions where Cannabis (and CBD in particular) DOES NOT help at all neither there is a scientific proof.

Tue, 29/Dec/20