Weed numbers 420 and 710

Let’s shed light on weed numbers, and there is yet another important one: 4/21. “Why 420 and 710?” is a piece of good to know information anyway. First things first 4:20 or 420 is de facto an international marijuana code, recognized worldwide as a clear mark of a relation to marijuana. The fourth day of April (which is 4/20) is the Cannabis Day. For “420” a few urban legends exist, the strongest one suggests that 4:20 pm is a time, and this version is well-recognized and mentioned by everyone in media; a couple of weaker counterparts are sometimes mentioned in media too.

4:20 pm

Marijuana in Jamaica, 21st of April (4/21) is a holiday for Rastafari

The most popular version of 420’s origin, mentioned everywhere, quasi official one is that “420” is related to the Waldos, the student group from San Rafael High School, California. One of the members of the group got a secret map of a hidden cannabis crop, and the guys gathered each time after classes at 4:20 pm, to light up and then be searching for a lot of free weed. Happened in 1971.

About the main 420 version

This one above is the most recognizable legend about 420 where 4:20 pm was the time. Quite iconic. Everyone loves it in fact we can see it. All rest comes out of the 420 arithmetically: 4th of April is 4/20 therefore it is our Cannabis Day. “Oh my god my clock reads 4:19, I need to burn one down again, despite the fact I have just baked another one five minutes ago. Okay.” — this is how it works.

Alternative 420 versions

There are alternative versions of 420 origin however. It was ones a police numeral code for radio transmissions for any relation to marijuana. And who will love a legend about marijuana where the legendary number was used by a babylonic force? Clearly a band of stoner teenagers from St Rafael High School win people’s love effectively; and their way romantic ‘treasure map’ on top.

710 = OIL up-side-down

Is 710 The New 420? - Cannaconnection.com

Cannaconnection: What is 710?

710 is a pretty new cannabis number, appeared already in the legal cannabis era. If you look at it up-side-down, there will be “OIL”, there for the number stands for “cannabis oil” and all the extracts in general, as a symbol of modern cannabis technology, industry and business, as a counterpart to archaic traditional “420” way. No hazy legends around 710, it’s a XXI century’s fresh and modern term.

4/21 Rastafari’s Grounation Day

Haile Selassie in Jamaica: Color Photos From a Rastafari Milestone

© LIFE, See in LIFE All Photos of Haile Selassie’s visit to Jamaica, 1966

Haile Selassie I, the last king of Ethiopia, the iconic deity of Rastafari religion (okay he is The Ras Tafari per se) visited Jamaica on 21st of April in 1966. For Rastafari followers such visit bore same spiritual importance as if Jesus came suddenly into your house for a dinner.

Haile Selassie is a direct descendant of King Solomon and Queen Sheba, by that he is a Messiah same as Jesus (they him call Jeshua by the way), Selassie is God for them, the second coming of Messiah the legend says, and God is coming to Jamaica, for real. Of course Haile Selassie was accepted as God by hundreds of thousands of Jamaican population, where Rastafarians were less than one half of the whole crowd: over 100,000+ people were smoking ganja all around the airport field, drumming and chanting ‘God is here’, touching his plane, everyone is spiritually stoned, etc. Since then the date 21st of April is the main religious holiday among Rastafari followers, the Grounation Day. The 2nd of November they celebrate as the Coronation Day of Haile Selassie I, and the 21st of April is called Grounation Day, the most important holiday.

For sake of bare truth the 421 number is rarely referred as the whole number, not a “number of cannabis”, not a match for “420”, however, a curious fact is that while the whole world celebrates the Weed Day on 20th of April (4/20), aparently Rastafari followers, the bearers of cannabis culture, celebrate their main holiday just next day after 4/20, on 4/21, which is the 21st of April.

Peace and love.

Thu, 18/Mar/21