What are Autoflower and what are Feminized Seeds

In the beginning, before any autoflower, a long, long time ago, there were three basic types of cannabis plants: — the first was Sativa, which has been evolving in tropical climates of Southeast Asia and Polynesia; — the second was Indica originating from the higher, colder, windier Hindu Kush region; — and third was Ruderalis considered to be the wildest one of all three.

Indica and Sativa geography suggests a good amount of sun and the proper light regime, where Indica and Sativa evolved to rely on sun and start blooming when the sun sets day and night as 12 and 12 hours.

Ruderalis apparently evolved in the colder northern regions under the insufficient sun, resulting in the bloom of such plants being based on the plant’s age rather than as a reaction to the light regime.

Autoflower — in a nutshell, cannabis breeders have eventually shaped the individual features of Ruderalis to fit the commercial needs, all based on what the nature (or evolution; or both) has already designed for us. Their cross-breeding of Ruderalis with other two, Sativa and Indica, has resulted in the appearing of Autoflower Seeds, which start to flower after a few weeks of age, regardless of light, while a “normal” cannabis plant flowers when the day/night regime sets 12/12 hours.

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Autoflower is the beginner grower’s hope. Or, in case you have no time or no wish to be deeply into home agronomy, call it “alchemy” if you wish, autoflower seeds provide an easy-peasy way to get the harvest of the home-grown buds. Autoflower seeds produce stronger plants, they make your life easier, they give quality, simple as that.

How are Autoflower Seeds Different from Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds are those specifically bred to produce the female cannabis plants exclusively, no males, by removing the male chromosome. All because only female plants produce the psychoactive compounds in bigger amounts; and the feminized seeds give greater yields rather than autoflower seeds. Experienced growers use feminized seeds as the plants can be cloned and each gives more yields, even though each requires more space in the growing room and much-much more care (comparing to autoflowers which are genetically stronger, more resistant to environment, diseases and pests).

Autoflower seeds are much stronger, thanks to the Ruderalis lineage. They are pretty all-forgiving for the beginner growers. Less head-ache for the experienced ones. In general, they are more resistant to diseases, pests, environmental and other stresses rather than feminized seeds.

Autoflower seeds produce stronger plants. The autoflower seeds plants have an easier time surviving pests and diseases, they require less growing space and are able to grow in a wider temperature range, with a smaller dependency on light schedules, you only have to switch it on. All this translates into that the autoflower seeds can bounce back a lot of beginner grower’s mistakes where similar mistakes may be fatal for the plants growing from the feminized seeds.

Feminized seeds produce bigger yields comparing to autoflowering seeds but autoflowers count certain benefits too!

Yes, plants grown from feminized seeds yield lots of stash, but you get significantly smaller amounts from autoflowers, but the plant care shall be easier with the autoflower seeds, believe it or not. Also important — you get the buds as quick as possible. Practically in no time. Because as short as 4-5 weeks are required for autoflowers while 6-8 weeks are required for feminized seeds to be the buds.

Which I Choose?

— Feminized seeds are more serious. They require more attention, more care, including the everyday care, and yes, it shall repay with the jars of sticky stinky buds (significantly bigger jars than the autoflower jars).

— If you are growing cannabis, stepping on the path to produce the most resinous champion flower, then you follow on with feminized seeds and play all the science with them.

— If you look for an easy, funny way of growing to get some free weed of brilliant quality, applying quick, smaller efforts: for this, you go for autoflower seeds.

Autoflower seeds are the obvious beginner’s choice as they enable the “From Zero To Hero” option, allowing a cheaper growing setup, relatively easier daily plant care, and (do not forget) the shortest time to harvest. This is what autoflowers are.

Sun, 04/Apr/21