Why Cannabis + WordPress = ♥ ? pros and cons

First things first, the WordPress (often called “WP” by its first letters) is the effective tool for the most probable situation when the site owner cannot or does not want to imagine comprehensively what he (the owner) expects to see in the end. These are most of us, nearly 8 out of 10 business owners making their first, second, or even tenth website do not know where is the end. Seriously.

More important such a strategy (mentioned above) already reflects into a pretty fancy conception called “agile” or “agile technology”, that is when you are able to change the direction at any point of the development, and for this WordPress fits better than good. (just do not forget you are not totally free of checklists and milestones neither of any other serious stuff.)

Yes and No

— WP is well controlled and well visualized. YES, anyone building website on wordpress would better have dev skills, such will affect the quality of your future website, as you want it be powerful. However: NO, you need not much of a tech skill to control the production cycle efficiently, but just you’d better have a proper webdeveloper. “Controlable” is the word, and the main advantage of wordpress once used for a corporate website or any other serious website.

The emerging platform for the emerging market

Legal cannabis market is the emerging market. Alike all recently-new markets, they are cellphones, internet itself, mobile applications, bitcoins, etc, the Legal Cannabis is young and constantly evolving. New rules arrive, old rules expire. Old models stop giving fruits, new models thunder upon us calling for an immediate action, in a wrong moment at times.

WordPress allows to assemble a working mock-up in a day.

— That is why WordPress is a trouble-free solution, because it is flexible beyond imaginable,

— Allowing to change the whole direction at any point of your timeline,

— If nicely tuned.

In other words — the R&D part, the research & development, the engine, the very core of your website already performs greatly from the starting moment (if a proper dev), because playing WordPress is similar to playing a lego: Your rocket-ship will look like one in no time with all the lasers and hyperdrives on, except that it will not fly. Yet.

Speed test is the healthmeter

The thing you want never to happen is a slow website 😀👍

It’s an urban myth about the globe covered with a dense lightspeed internet, it’s a digital nomad speaking with decades of XP… Once the speed of the website improved, you gain in UEX so greatly that it may eventually increase 20-30% (if not a whole half) of the desired metrics, those that you chase like sales, visits, contacts, whatever, including but not limited to those required by search companies. And more important you certainly gain the respect of your close partners, friends, and all the website visitors.

Aye-aye! The speed test is the health meter for the website, regardless the bandwidth your average visitor usually uses, the speed test shows the health. Speed is speed. On the dirt road speed is important and in the F1 track it’s all about speed again, same with the website it is not an option but the requirement to be steady and reliable under all and any conditions.

You start with it and go on with it

Your home car is not a Ferrari, why? BECAUSE sometimes the road is dirt, even if you choose your road, but your clients however choose their own. Same with a website: a poor connection is not a myth and there are various reasons for that. Aparently: Speed is fast for everyone, whatever the phone, whatever the iphone, whatever the bandwidth, speed is speed.

The slow website makes damage upon the loyalty of your every visitor, and your client is among those visitors. Saying “slow” let’s imagine an Executive Man eco-touring a camel in a desert of Morocco or surviving a taxi in Jakarta, he is still an Executive making decisions right now. Your clients are everywhere tavelling in the country, travelling in the world, taking coffee on a top of a mountain in an authentic cafe, partying in a country house in the middle of nowhere, and some of them forget to ask a hotel’s wifi password.

The Sahara desert, the rush-hour’ing Frankfurt airport, the middle of Bangkok they all suffer lack of roaming options (I would dare to say specifically FRA is the worst in the list!!). It is your money sufferring the leak every time when the website responds slow. No one wants to talk to a slow man by phone, no one wants to see the slow website.

When it’s fast, it’s fast for everyone.

Hold it fast. Professional way.

Check upon the speedtest — tools.pingdom.com — where 90 points score and up is a good heading. Any otherwise requires attention until it’s too late, and it shall be too late quickly enough. Believe it or not.

WP is cool, huge and effective

Anyone can develop a website with a chaos as a strategy, many do so and reach significant results, it is a fancy trend nowadays, called agile. When you mess with wordpress as an owner (or a project owner) you gain the real life experience in the technology instead of boring trainings:

— WP is a modern opensource system, used by 60% of websites of the world, supported by hundreds of thousands of developers, and they are good developers, and they work for you. Isn’t it cool?

— WordPress is cool, huge and effective. It is on the edge of technology by its very idea, by definition, flexible and powerful, supported willingly by any hosting provider. It can be good for you and it can be bad, that means you indeed can do anything!

— WP applies into itself all fancy trends, including agile, including g00gle latest recommendations, payment systems, wallets, privacy options, security, etc, etc, etc. Even when you do nothing special you are still getting many of these goodies for free, and the other matter how you use them and how you tune them.


There is a thousand excuses why “this what you see is in fact fast and also beautiful or trendy”; an experienced webdeveloper can argue even to a CTO with PhD and will most probably succeed in it, I saw such thousand times.

Multicultural community is not a joke and can be easily underestimated by you. It’s a huge sub-culture due to the idea of wordpress and due to its popularity, this may harden at times the already complicated “buyer-to-craftsman” relation. Complicated in its definition.

An illusion of massive development. It may play a joke when it’s time to cut the Gordian’s knot (quite a thrilling situation, however it happens). And it may influence the price where it should not.


Easy to control from the owner’s (manager’s) perception. Because it is well-visualised and you see all good and all bad quite well.

Saves time if well managed. Consequently the money. Also your future work about the website, content work, marketing work, promotions. The development community has already done a big job and shared it into the World (means: and for you too) and this huge work is free of charge. The community contributes on the daily basis, solving issues, adding features, implementing technologies, standards, protocols. Godspeed to these men!

You change everything, whatever you wish very fast. “Any Wish” has just materialized into the reality, it is no longer a problem nor a headache, but an effective buisness tool. This is what flexibility in fact means.

WordPress is definitely an “Easy-to-Start, Hard-to-Master” category. And it suggests less moral damage to the ordering party, to the owner. No kidding! I’m serious=).

A best hint

Whatever system you choose, whatever website you build for whatever purpose, everything you shall win every time, IF YOU MANAGE TO AVOID THE GREATEST DISASTER:

The greatest disaster for any website arrives when the owner of the business (you!) does not visit his own website literally daily. Not for an inspection, not at all, god forbid, but only because it is cool there.

(it may sound simple or even stupid nevertheless it is not that easy to accomplish — try it and you shall see the website taking a boost!)

If you want an example when the owner loves his website, check upon www.thegoxbox.com as a fair demonstration of the said, this is a professional cannabis community, so original that you feel there is a soul in it:

What’s the hack is the Gox Box? — is its slogan,

— Handsome and attractive, isn’t it?

What else

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