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From ZERO to HERO all Best discoveries and guides on marijuana growing at home, everything about taking care of a cannabis plant: indoor, outdoor, beginner’s growing guides, efficient troubleshootings, LEDs, tents and organic nutrients, soil tricks and hydroponic gardens, etc, etc, everything you may only need to quick-start your highest yields of WEEED!.

porro angry bud thc marijuana weed

THC: Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol

What is THC in a simple explain. It is an abbreviation from: Delta Nine Tetra Hydro Cannabinol, often referred more ...
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Futuristic hydroponic garden by eddie mendoza, deviantart

Marijuana Hydroponic Garden Explained

Before embarking to the hydroponic growing quest one must acknowledge that it is not very easy, despite the popular belief ...
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Mould Spotted On Marijuana Bud

How To Dry Marijuana Buds Guide

You know how to grow and you're sure you are good at it. Then you grow a nice clone-plant of ...
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Thedankduchess.com Yellow Hashish Charas

How to make hashish

Hashish (or Hash) Hashish, and we also call it hash, is possibly the oldest marijuana concentrate we know, also can ...
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Cannabis Art - Terracotta Army

Elements Cannabis Plants Want from You (How to Make Indoor Weed Totally Natural)

You are going to grow the all-organic totally-natural marijuana, very dellicious and way potent, and the first thing you focus ...
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Canna Santa HoHoHo

Ho ho ho! Cannabis Poems Update Winter-growing Edition + Tricks

Happy new year y'al, canna fams! Find the fresh Growing Tricks below in this page, scroll it down, and here ...
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Jamaican Owls the smoking birds cartoon artist's impression, do they choose Indica, or do they puff Sativa cannabis only?

Sativa vs Indica — Making The Right Choice (CBD Matters!)

Whenever you decide getting closer wether to a Marijuana recreational culture or a Cannabis way of medicine or meditation, this ...
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home growing marijuana in hydroponic farms

Hydroponic Cannabis Growing Made Easy Guide

Due to the legalization of Marijuana across many states in the USA and Canada, the cannabis industry is progressing at ...
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Cannabis Plant Common Problems To Prevent

Common Cannabis Plant Problems: Seeds, Roots and Stems

Cannabis plant may suffer a certain amount of problems and sicknesses, and this troubleshooting guide we have compiled as a ...
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What are Terpenes and Why You Should Consider Them When Choosing the Right Strain?

Taking a walk to work or using the subway can be inconvenient primarily due to the pungent smell; the weed ...
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Why Weed Is Purple Marijuana Buds

Anthocyanin in the Buds, Why your Weed is Purple?

Purple color of weed come from Anthocyanin pigment, a universal plant colorant responsible for the red, purple, and blue; evident ...
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Cannabis Soil tips and tricks - minecraft block

Easy tricks on Cannabis Soil you apply for better yields

This is already a small scientific job for a true hobbyist, if you feel passionate enough to maximize yields greatly ...
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