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Hello there! Do you love games and do you love marijuana? Indeed, these two form together the biggest PASSION of my life! I play games all the time years and years. My first computer was in 1992 and my first marijuana joint was in 1995. That was a wonderful time of Warcraft II and Tomb Raider (damn! she was beautiful!!)… and then the Total War series entered this world, and then, and then, and now we have a glorious goose game and a cool retro-racing right here on this page. Enjoy the game! )

1. Play online The Goose Game

No, it is not another stupid goose. It’s a cool online game sample with a proven history record. Try it now, no download, you can play it online right away from this page. And it has a hot-seat mode too for playing in company, making one-dollar odds with friends for fun, for example (this is how we did when discovered this game, there was a hot-seat mode with a random gameplay which is a perfect thing for odds, and there was a joint too and a small good company).

For the best experience if you play it now online using a smartphone or tablet: then toggle the full screen button inside the game, when it’s loaded, and turn the screen to “landscape” – that’s the best layout to enjoy the game. Sounds are crazy! Switch them on.
Stoney Games - GOOSE GAME - based on Ancient Egypt's SENET for desktops, Mac, PC and smartphones one of two oldest games ever discovered and known to man by far

Stoney Games - SENET

This is how humanity started to play, I think this goose game is based on SENET, discovered by scientists in the Ancient Egyptian Tomb, one of the oldest-ever games, dated 3100 B.C. So, it’s a good old idea for games to play online.

Every game is a work of art, a reflection and the expression of an artist’s mind.

2. Online Racing Game The Car Rush

A sunny day, a yellow cabriolet and a hot sexy blond on the passenger seat… What else to wish? This is a high speed adventure, that you find playing this online game, is loaded with fancy graphics, and more important – it’s a replica of the bombastic retro-gameplay from 1980s, the games early era. Play it now, from this page, no download and no registration.

Do not drive when stoned, but taste this speedy online game instead. The game is best views in horizontal layout, so for best experience do not forget to toggle the in-game full screen button if using smartphone or tablet.

Yellow Cabriolet and a Hot Sexy Blond sitting next to you - taste this fancy speedy funny game - the Car Rush Racing online-game for mobiles, desktop, PC or Mac
Stoney Games - SENETInternet-data charges may apply as usually everywhere for online games. But then after the first use the core stuff shall cache itself in browser, and with the next launches the loading will be light-speed fast resulting much less data consumption. These online games are few megabytes each.

Wait… wait… what else to do for fun here?

Taste our fine-art HD wallpapers, exclusively created for our website, absolutely free and stunningly beautiful – available RIGHT NOW by this link: Marijuana HD Wallpapers

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A small bonus for those who read the page up to this point:

Flying Croc Simulator: Android game

Android game: Flying Croc Simulator + Santa Claus, the funny cannabis game arcade with the beautiful music surroundThis is a cool marijuana fantasy game loaded with fantasy creatures: stoned crocodile, his friend Tucan, a colourful tropical bird, and a fatty beauty plummy bun – the fairy. She is not shy at all, giving us 12+ rating for cartoon nudity in the appstores. And for the christmas celebration the new addition to this our flying simulator is Santa Claus, the funny old man this time is not giving presents to anyone but collects weed like crazy and like everybody else (read more).

See few screenshots (read more):

Flying Crocodile Simulator - the android game's screenshots from the marijuana games collection the handpick best cannabis games

Fly these funny creatures through the fantasy jungle. You will enjoy the hi-end quality pixel graphics and the beautiful professional soundtrack, with a different individual track for every character. Look at his eyes on the picture above? You can download it right now by any of the following buttons:

Download from Play Store Download .apk file

Use the download link for apk file (download-link) which is also on the red button below for your pleasure and the benefits which apk-files give but having in mind that: This is used for the installation and use of software apart of google play-store. Though it is the same software but it’s said that the feature is for “advanced users” but I think anyone can enjoy it. Otherwise the official Google-schmoogle-link for the play store is green and you can press it too.