Autoflowering vs Feminized seeds explained

Autoflowering vs Feminized seeds explained

Feminized marijuana seeds have been presented to the world in 1990 and promptly got recognized to be an unbelievable problem solver, universal for every kind of amateur, professional, indoor, outdoor, whatever grower. Also, super economic. Yet another decade, yet another thunderbolt hit the marijuana community again: the autoflowering seeds got created!

Autoflowering seeds are significantly stronger, thanks to their Ruderalis lineage. They are all-forgiving for beginner growers, reducing headaches for experienced ones. They are resistant to diseases, pests, environmental pollution, including light pollution, and other stresses rather than feminized seeds.

We stick to feminized seeds since then, we love autoflowering either, and we already count both as normal marijuana growing. The mission to wipe out the most troubling headaches away from home weed growing has been accomplished so far. A heavenly blessing these autoflowers occurred to be for the beginner growers and all of us.

Let’s cite here in this post what are the benefits and what are the disadvantages of either type. How to choose wisely between autoflowering seeds and feminized seeds you learn, because your next few weeks of gaining experience in weed cultivation shall depend on this pick.

What are feminized seeds?

– “Only Women of Sparta give birth to Men”

– “Only Female Cannabis yield potent Buds”

We are unsure about the former, but the latter is true. When we cultivate weed, we want exclusively female cannabis plants, because only their kind bloom with the most potent marijuana buds – and they must stay “virgin”.

If a male plant is somewhere nearby, then “boom!” and your female plant starts producing seeds instead of enriching her flowers. At this point, you say goodbye to buds (flowers), but don’t frustrate as you win a ton of seeds even though staying sober for a while. A seedless female cannabis plant is called Sinsemilla, literally “no seeds” in Spanish.

Weed growers in ancient times (before 1990 AD) used regular seeds knowing not for sure if the latter are males or females. Only on the vegetation stage, the gender of a cannabis plant becomes clear, so those ancient weed growers obligatorily removed male plants away from females, and the remaining sinsemillas could flourish freely and produce beautiful buds.

You have already guessed that Feminized Seeds that we buy from a seed bank mean they do not produce either male or hermaphroditic plants, but they are all 100% females. You can imagine, how the discovery has simplified production for the experienced growers, but for newbies, it granted the biggest ever opportunity to get into growing of the top-class weed out of the minimal effort. Sweet.

What are autoflowering seeds?

Naturally, cannabis plants of the Indica and Sativa families start producing flowers (aka buds) only when the daytime and the nighttime become equal to each other, i.e. the plants receive 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness daily. Photoperiod is the term for the phenomenon.

Autoflower is not photoperiod

Photoperiod weed (this is feminized seeds) stays at the vegetation stage, go on growing, never flowering until the 12/12 photoperiod.

Autoflowering weed is not photoperiod, but it grows a certain period of time before starts flowering regardless of light regime. Usually, the overall grow time for autoflower seeds’ weed is significantly shorter.

For example, you may just add or remove light artificially in the growing room, or even changing location of the plant for more light in winter nights taking it indoors, but gathering natural light in daytime (if climate allows).

So, you may influence future yields by influencing the light given for the feminized seeds; and you cannot repeat the trick for the autflowers, that’s the principal difference between feminized and autoflowers seeds.

Having feminized seeds you mess with the photoperiod

When you grow feminized seeds (instead of autoflowers) indoors you must at some moment mimic the natural course by setting the schedule of the artificial light to the 12/12 hour light regime. Being outdoors you must adjust your schedule to the Sun astronomy.

Autoflowering seeds are ignorant of the photoperiod

Apparently, autoflowers bloom buds merely reaching the age, usually a radically short age of several weeks, regardless of how much light per day you cast on them. Also, they are actually “autoflowering feminized” seeds and are all females, sometimes referred to as “autofems” for that reason. Pure magic, a-ha! The price follows. We confirm, it is worth it.

How does autoflowering work?

Autoflowering magic is a genetic trait. We have heard an earful about Indica and Sativa all around the cannabis space, but there is a “forgotten” family, which is Ruderalis, the wildest of all three, literally and figuratively.

Cannabis Ruderalis

Ruderalis evolved in the colder northern regions under the insufficient Sun, resulting in its bloom based on the plant’s age rather than a reaction to the amount of light. Some people swear the best Ruderalis originates from the famous Chuy valley in Kazakhstan, mistakenly calling it Russia at times but these are two very contrasting countries. Another version of the autoflower creation addresses to Kandi mountains in the middle of Sri Lanka.

Weed grows wild and widely in both places and is reckoned to be among the strongest genetics in the world. We love to think both versions are reasonable:

– Chuy Valley is chill at times and lacks the duration of sunlight as of the latitude,

– And you forget about the photoperiod in the lower layers of Kandi jungles.

– We smoked both, and we confirm: “Bloody lethal!”

Well, eventually, some passionate breeders have picked that Ruderalis type of wild marijuana and bred out the autoflowering marijuana. As of the line-age of Ruderalis, the autoflowering plants are very strong and ignorant to photoperiod, also resistant to stress, granting rookie growers a great chance! Wise men say autoflowering seeds are the best take-off for rookies or lazy ones to minimize any great involvement in severe agriculture.

Autoflower vs feminized

As always we pay a price for convenience, here is the comparison where the autoflowers lose to feminized seeds (aka photoperiod seeds) in exchange for what autoflowers win.

1) THC, the principal psychoactive compound in marijuana, counts a fairy great value for the autoflower plants. Thanks to breeders, it may reach 20%, without prejudice. However, feminized seeds gain our attention with up to 30% of THC. Both are huge, except that you pursue particularly a number. Just a strain brand available in its two versions: feminized and autofems.

2) You cannot affect the end date of the vegetation stage as they just start flowering uncontrollably, however predictably. Apparently, with the feminized seeds, you give as much time as you want for the vegetation, resulting in a bigger, stronger, taller plant, consequently harvesting twice as much from the feminized seed plants rather than from autoflowering seeds under similar conditions.

3) Autoflowering plants are usually smaller and shorter. For stealth growing away from neighbors’ eyes, either in case of lacking space in a tent or a closet. Count it a pro.

4) Autoflowers deliver weed quickly, practically in no time compared to feminized seeds, roughly 4-5 weeks versus 6-8, up to 10 (terms may differ for different strains). Then you can have one harvest after another caring less about the weather and the light, not yet neglecting at all.

5) Autoflowering seeds, once mentioned, bear stronger genetic traits and survive stress better as of their relationship to Ruderalis. If you are a beginner grower, they shall auto-correct many of your mistakes.

6) Feminized seeds are more whimsical and they shall not forgive as many of your faults. This includes the weather which usually is not your fault. Even though you do all wrong, autoflowers shall produce moderate to pathetic buds but in time, which is doubtful for feminized.

How to grow autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering seeds are a DIY beginner’s pack. Minimally you’ll need a pot, a batch of soil, and light, or sunlight. Anything you add on top, like nutrients, proper LED lights, and a professional soil mix, shall improve the performance. Remember that autoflowers are designed to be all-forgiving, but without extremums, of course.

Who has invented feminized seeds, and when?

We send our love and thanks to the “Dutch Passion” seed company who invented the feminized seeds in 1990 and pioneered them to the market. We dare to say this genius invention naturally led to autoflowering seeds.

Who has invented autoflowering seeds, and when?

Who invented autoflowers, the world does not really know, it happened in the early 2000s. Both great discoveries reshaped the seeds market dramatically and forever: what were those regular cannabis seeds of the recent past – nobody recalled since then (kidding).

How tall do autoflowers get?

Autoflowering plants are shorter, compared to their feminized counterparts. Depending on a strain, autoflowers can grow as short as 50-70 cm (20-30 inches), and as tall as 150 cm (50-60 inches), which is not tall for a feminized photoperiod marijuana plant.

What is the size of a pot for autoflower?

The size of a pot is a very important aspect of marijuana cultivation. If the roots are locked the whole plant can grow weaker. Autoflowering plants are not huge at size as of their very idea, therefore a standard 12-liter pot or a similar bucket (3 gallons) shall fit the purpose well enough.

Yet you can go for a smaller pot, whatever reasoning you have for it, there is a direct relation between the size of a pot and the height/size of a plant. If this is your purpose, take a smaller pot, as small as 7-8 liters (2 gallons) should work nicely. Just in case.

Are autoflower seeds less potent?

Autoflowering seeds were significantly less potent in the past as they had inherited many traits of Cannabis Ruderalis. However, being a popular product today, they reflect the market demand, and keep developing.

Today autoflowers produce good potent buds. They shall kick in, no doubt. Modern feminized seeds go even further, highlighting up to 30% of THC, while autoflowers count more or less 20% of THC. Badass anyway!

Which do I choose?

— Feminized seeds are serious. They require ambition, attention, and everyday care. They won’t discount a washout, but they shall repay with the jars of sticky stinky buds on the otherwise occasion. If you can allocate plenty of space and free time, then you pick feminized seeds.

— Feminized seeds are already the normal way to grow marijuana, they conquer the market so far. You should not avoid them by the reason they are “professional” because they are actually “semi-professional”. Ultimate professionals use regular seeds, which are available in seed banks too.

— Autoflowering seeds are supportive if you are chasing a funny, easy cultivation style, no hustle. They shall practically guarantee buds of a fair to brilliant quality, depending on your efforts. If you have no wish to be a nurse for your marijuana, then you go for autoflowering seeds.

— Feminized seeds are a good fit for the bravest experiments, where autoflowers do not. Such includes cloning and your world records that you bear in mind.

— Autoflowering seeds is the easiest beginner’s pack for a DIY weed.

That’s it. Now you know.

Happy growing!

Thu, 23/Mar/23