Malawi Gold Strain: a highly psychoactive cannabis sativa, is called “chamba” in Africa

Wed, 21/Jul/21

Marijuana Weed Stoner Smoking Chamba, nice ring btw

CHAMBA is a street name for marijuana in Malawi, and its whereabouts in Africa, and also a relatively rare cannabis strain reportedly bearing unique properties (of course, any weed is unique by some means). Originated from the North of Malawi, and under its official name well known as Malawi Gold.


Chamba is the name for recreational cannabis in Malawi. So, why does Malawi deserves a separate attention when speaking about cannabis market? At the first place, the ‘chamba’ word sounds rilli funny and a phonetic pleasure to my heart, I’d nominated it for the best sound among the cannabis words worldwide.

Secondly, it is the Malawian Gold as the prize-winner making Malawi as a country so remarkable in the worldwide cannabis market, this is a strain very popular in the region by a reason! Bluntly: Malawi Gold is chamba per se, and not just any cannabis is chamba, while not so strict either.

Malawi Gold “Chamba” Seeds

Malawi Gold is a highly psychoactive pure sativa. Malawi gold is a relatively rare strain. It bears a smell of sweet fruits also spicy. Relatively rarely offered by online retail, however some seed banks offer such. African origin strains often contain Caryophyllene terpene as in general, which is responsible for a spicy pepperly taste, also met in Diesel strains and in rosemary too along with black pepper itself. Check with your retailer. I personally love when it’s spicy, adding up peace to the heart naturally, as the only terpene (by far discovered) contracting a CB receptor in a brain.

Cannabis “Chamba” Laws in Malawi

As usual do not forget to double-check any legal information, this is only an humble reference to law to understand the idea, yet not a legal advice: the content may contain pieces of outdated information, or very rarely a misinterpreted one (practically never ya can guess). Anyway, why not to peek into the official gov’s websites, they are charming and they are knowledge, where knowledge is power. Long story short: the removal of liability is this message.

CHAMBA ( the name for the recreational Malawian cannabis) and the plant by far remains illegal to cultivate in Malawi for either personal and commercial purpose. Recreational use is disallowed, neither decriminalized.

MEDICAL MARIJUANA and industrial HEMP for the commercial purpose are allowed when licensed. The licenses and other cannabis regulations are governed by Cannabis Regulatory Authority (CRA) of Malawi.

The country’s main export was tobacco with a constantly falling demand nowadays — During the 2020 season, Malawi’s tobacco output fell by 31.3%, resulting in a 26.4% decline in the country’s overall tobacco revenues (Reuters) — and the government is seriously wishing to find the replacement, where cannabis is a very logical choice. At least the weather fits and it is also a crop in its nature, already growing wild all around in the area and neighboring countries. Not to mention the cannabis market is rocketing while tobacco is degrading.

Growing marijuana from Seeds versus Growing from marijuana clones

Fri, 02/Jul/21

Growing marijuana is a pleasurable hobby first of all, not a drug plantation for God’s sake, as soon as you grow it at home for yourself and for the loved ones. Growing marijuana is a wonderful journey full of admiration to learn nature and see how life comes from the very beginning up to the very end. Give all attention to every single marijuana plant which is raised from a seed, pretty much the same as it is in the natural conditions, right?

Seeds are about love, I think

Life creation is fun, learning all mistakes, successes, and discoveries — there is another beautiful benefit that you may gain making it from a seed: think about human life, we do not want to clone ourselves but prefer to make it “from a seed”, also gaining tons of pleasure and emotions, collectively called love. Growing from clones grows on me as skipping the whole important period of the full process, while growing from seeds is authentic and more manual if you wish.

Rules of the game

I suggest that if you shall have known the full growing cycle perfectly, you will be able to deal perfectly with marijuana clones as easy as automatically. This is the basics of education, how it works in all the fields of human activity. Riding a bicycle, learning a language, or growing a plant: before we bend the rules, we learn how to bow. We learn them, to know them perfectly to use them then. This is what growing marijuana from a seed gives us. Many growers and stoners report that once they step on the path, they already do not want any clones, but for the commercial distribution and knowing 100% of the rules of the game.

Riding a bicycle, learning a language, growing a marijuana plant: before we bend the rules, we learn how to bow. We learn before we use.

However, this is a totally personal choice to cook food from raw ingredients, obtaining them from a farmer market, smelling and touching every unit, personally contacting the farmer who raised them. Alternatively, there is always an option of buying in a supermarket, nicely packed and frozen. Aye, professionally packed and professionally frozen. Not bad, not good, but totally a personal choice and a personal preference.

In clones you obviously meet other men’s mistakes. Logically. But you obviously win all other benefits clones may deliver.

Why do we clone marijuana plants?

Nothing Unique Marty from the Madagascar motion picture
(from “Madagascar” motion picture)

First things first, we clone the female marijuana plants to be sure that the new plant (the new clone) shall be the female marijuana plant too. But a smaller chance for this when growing from seeds if these are “organic” seeds, but a higher chance if they are modified seeds, called in the retail “feminized seeds”.

More important, the whole reason lies in copying a hundred other traits of the marijuana mother-plant that we clone: taste, fragrance, resistance to pests or standing to the weather for “outdoors” or a climate for “indoors”. Also, the terpenes and the number of trichomes, the amounts of psychoactive chemistry in them, of course, and many-many other properties. We choose the plant with the best properties and copy her, and we expect to gain the exactly same set of properties in clones. The very idea of cloning.

Playing God

Playing with the “genesis”, which is the creation of life even though it is a plant’s life, is what you are going to do if you embark on cloning marijuana. Planting clones does not yet mean genetic engineering but one step closer to such.

You keep it in mind and realize that:

We know shit about biology, — Craig Venter.

Craig Venter was a leader in the Human Genome Project.

But for marijuana, along with copying the preferable traits, lovely tastes and the “highness” of the future buds, we copy the full bouquet of unknown traits, maybe unknown to science at all. Think, there is a reason why the whole natural process exists, however, there is another reason why plants actually clone themselves in the wild nature. So, marijuana cloning is not that far badass, ha-ha. Having a purpose, knowing the pros and cons, why not to clone, I think.

Marie Curie, the physicist (1867-1934) who discovered the existence of x-rays, found polonium, etc., two times Nobel prize winner, etc. She is known and referred to as a scientist who sacrificed herself. Her exposure to radiation while her research consequently led to serious disease, suffering and death. But I assume such did not happen intentionally, therefore it was not in a form of a willful sacrifice, but in a form of the undiscovered knowledge. She who unveiled the radiation to humanity, but much-much later found out what the radiation can do with the human body.

Think about.

Marijuana cartoon zombies, marijuana clones illustration

Marijuana plant is a living creature

? Do you want it to be a unique character or a clone?

The inventor of teleportation ((yes, it is invented)) said he will never step into a teleportation cabin…

Once again, it aren’t bad to apply for marijuana clones, not bad at all, there are pros and cons, there is a reason and a decision we make, gaining benefits. But for the comprehensiveness of this material, we’ll also advocate seeds a little bit:

1. Seeds are available on the market, clones are less. You can easily obtain a selection of predictable marijuana variants via the internet enjoying the secure delivery to the door of your home ((check the related laws of your country before doing so)). I don’t think that the clones can come to your home as easy as seeds can do.

2. Seeds can be stored for up to 3 years and still be viable. Apparently, a marijuana clone is already a living plant. Maybe another reason for the better availability of marijuana seeds on the market.

3. Even if you clone, you cannot escape from seeds. Sooner or later you will need to learn that the cloning from one mother is limited. Such works for a few generations, apart from the fact that you are into a continuous process. Then you clone a clone, etc, but some people fulfill the crusade quite successfully, like that urban legend about the “Alaskan Thunder Fuck” suggests, for example. But this is already almost science if you wish. You need knowledge about seeds as soon as you grow your weed, I think.

4. Marijuana plants raised from seeds are in general stronger. They have stronger roots, therefore, a stronger development of the whole system. They are resistant to the environment as they survive naturally, while their lab-created “sisters” are weaker and in general delicate, light-sensitive, requiring more attention once any condition of your garden suddenly changes. Simply compare a country-side guy to a megalopolis nerd, I am the latter but now live in a village, I know the answer, ha-ha ))

5. Marijuana plants from seeds can be (and they shall be!) frosty, stinky, nasty, containing the badass amounts of thc, cbd and whatever desirable compounds. Such is not a privilege for marijuana clones.

What are Autoflower and what are Feminized Seeds

Sun, 04/Apr/21

In the beginning, before any autoflower, a long, long time ago, there were three basic types of cannabis plants: — the first was Sativa, which has been evolving in tropical climates of Southeast Asia and Polynesia; — the second was Indica originating from the higher, colder, windier Hindu Kush region; — and third was Ruderalis considered to be the wildest one of all three.

Indica and Sativa geography suggests a good amount of sun and the proper light regime, where Indica and Sativa evolved to rely on sun and start blooming when the sun sets day and night as 12 and 12 hours.

Ruderalis apparently evolved in the colder northern regions under the insufficient sun, resulting in the bloom of such plants being based on the plant’s age rather than as a reaction to the light regime.

Autoflower — in a nutshell, cannabis breeders have eventually shaped the individual features of Ruderalis to fit the commercial needs, all based on what the nature (or evolution; or both) has already designed for us. Their cross-breeding of Ruderalis with other two, Sativa and Indica, has resulted in the appearing of Autoflower Seeds, which start to flower after a few weeks of age, regardless of light, while a “normal” cannabis plant flowers when the day/night regime sets 12/12 hours.

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Autoflower is the beginner grower’s hope. Or, in case you have no time or no wish to be deeply into home agronomy, call it “alchemy” if you wish, autoflower seeds provide an easy-peasy way to get the harvest of the home-grown buds. Autoflower seeds produce stronger plants, they make your life easier, they give quality, simple as that.

How are Autoflower Seeds Different from Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds are those specifically bred to produce the female cannabis plants exclusively, no males, by removing the male chromosome. All because only female plants produce the psychoactive compounds in bigger amounts; and the feminized seeds give greater yields rather than autoflower seeds. Experienced growers use feminized seeds as the plants can be cloned and each gives more yields, even though each requires more space in the growing room and much-much more care (comparing to autoflowers which are genetically stronger, more resistant to environment, diseases and pests).

Autoflower seeds are much stronger, thanks to the Ruderalis lineage. They are pretty all-forgiving for the beginner growers. Less head-ache for the experienced ones. In general, they are more resistant to diseases, pests, environmental and other stresses rather than feminized seeds.

Autoflower seeds produce stronger plants. The autoflower seeds plants have an easier time surviving pests and diseases, they require less growing space and are able to grow in a wider temperature range, with a smaller dependency on light schedules, you only have to switch it on. All this translates into that the autoflower seeds can bounce back a lot of beginner grower’s mistakes where similar mistakes may be fatal for the plants growing from the feminized seeds.

Feminized seeds produce bigger yields comparing to autoflowering seeds but autoflowers count certain benefits too!

Yes, plants grown from feminized seeds yield lots of stash, but you get significantly smaller amounts from autoflowers, but the plant care shall be easier with the autoflower seeds, believe it or not. Also important — you get the buds as quick as possible. Practically in no time. Because as short as 4-5 weeks are required for autoflowers while 6-8 weeks are required for feminized seeds to be the buds.

Which I Choose?

— Feminized seeds are more serious. They require more attention, more care, including the everyday care, and yes, it shall repay with the jars of sticky stinky buds (significantly bigger jars than the autoflower jars).

— If you are growing cannabis, stepping on the path to produce the most resinous champion flower, then you follow on with feminized seeds and play all the science with them.

— If you look for an easy, funny way of growing to get some free weed of brilliant quality, applying quick, smaller efforts: for this, you go for autoflower seeds.

Autoflower seeds are the obvious beginner’s choice as they enable the “From Zero To Hero” option, allowing a cheaper growing setup, relatively easier daily plant care, and (do not forget) the shortest time to harvest. This is what autoflowers are.