Using Emoji in a Social Network

Emoji are the small pictures incorporated into text as colorful symbols, everyone knows. I’ve made this page to facilitate the pasting of emoji into social media networks. Anyone finding this humble time-saver handy is very welcome to bookmark and use the page.

β€” Click on a button to copy emoji into clipboard πŸ‘

Long dash β€” is important at times. I use it often, so it is in the list. The “Heart” is a classic (before emoji’s era) html symbol for the hearts suit in playing cards. Good fit for I β™₯ steaks, I β™₯ weed and other lovely stuff, and especially when one takes its place inside a text it won’t ruin the formatting as of symbol’s height, color and style. Check upon how it appears in an example:

MSc in math and Computer Science, I β™₯ Marijuana, I make websites HIGH ツ as the fundamental purpose to let cannabis websites be faster and better automated for e-commerce than all othersβ€”

Yah, the Japanese letter ツ is a letter too, while looking as a smiley it is not officially an emoji, that is why it fits the formatting nicely and inherits the color of the whole text. Yet another entry into this emoji “keyboard” worth mentioning is the so-called Star of Venus ✴ aka Ishtar, named after the goddess of love, find more on the Goddess of Love here

Sat, 30/Jun/18