How to grow marijuana from seed to weed

Autoflowering vs Feminized seeds explained

Feminized marijuana seeds have been presented to the world in 1990 and promptly got recognized to be an unbelievable problem solver, universal for every kind of amateur, professional, indoor, outdoor, whatever grower. Also, super economic. Yet another decade, yet another thunderbolt hit the marijuana community again: the autoflowering seeds got created! Autoflowering seeds are significantly […]

How to make Cannabutter

Cannabutter is a clear combination of “cannabis” and “butter”, also referred to as marijuana butter or weed butter. Cannabutter is the word we employ in the cannabis space for infused butter. Call it an industry standard or a stoner’s slang, if you wish, it does not change the idea: — Cannabutter is regular butter with […]

The List of Mistakes that Beginner Growers make

These are not exactly mistakes when you are into growing marijuana on your own because they are more likely a learning process. However, we have a list of most common mistakes that beginner growers make. And, applying these few simple rules shall give you a unique opportunity to commit greater mistakes on the further stages. […]

Rastafari Beliefs and Practices

Rastafari do not say “we” for plurality. They grow their lingo out of the Jamaican Creole, which is a dialect of English itself. They wear dreadlocks, and worship the emperor Haile Selassie I, believing he is a true messiah and a divine personality, also a direct descendant of King Solomon. Livity is yet another Rastafari […]