How to grow marijuana from seed to weed

Rastafari Beliefs and Practices

Rastafari do not say “we” for plurality. They grow their lingo out of the Jamaican Creole, which is a dialect of English itself. They wear dreadlocks, and worship the emperor Haile Selassie I, believing he is a true messiah and a divine personality, also a direct descendant of King Solomon. Livity is yet another Rastafari […]

Pharaohs of Egypt tested positive on marijuana

The German toxicologist Dr. Svetlana Balabanova has tested mummies of the Ancient Egypt for the drugs, and it’s positive as she demonstrates in her work the clear traces of cocaine, nicotine and marijuana (THC in particular) are present in tissues of the mentioned mummies. Another funny fact: none of nicotine or coca originates in the […]

How to make Cannabutter

Cannabutter is a clear combination of “cannabis” and “butter”, also referred to as marijuana butter or weed butter. Cannabutter is the word we employ in the cannabis space for infused butter. Call it an industry standard or a stoner’s slang, if you wish, it does not change the idea: — Cannabutter is regular butter with […]

Moroccan “love candy” called Majoun, brilliant storms of laughter

Alice B. Toklas hashish fudge recipe, which we have discovered in her famous cookbook, has a strong link to the Moroccan hashish candy, aka love candy. It is called “majoun”, a traditional confection made of hashish, nutmeg, black pepper, other spices, and dried fruits in Berber cuisine, also found in India and Iran. Majoun’s primary […]