Marijuana Stoners Make Websites HIGH

Pharaohs of Egypt tested positive on marijuana and cocaine, and their HIGH priests were stoners too

The German toxicologist Dr. Svetlana Balabanova tested mummies of the Ancient Egypt for drugs, positive! as she discovered clear traces of cocaine, nicotine and marijuana (THC in particular) in tissues. Basically the old guys were full of “controlled substances”. Is it insightful? Suggested that a whole bunch of research has been applied along the time […]

Rastafari Beliefs and Practices

Rastafari do not say “we” for plurality, as they grow their lingo out of the Jamaican Creole, which is already a dialect of English itself. They wear dreadlocks, and worship the emperor Haile Selassie I, believing he is a true messiah and a divine personality, also a direct descendant of King Solomon, no less! Rastafari […]

Ancient Goddess of Love and her Star in the sky at night

Santa Ana, Inanna, Ishtar, Venus and Aphrodite, in fact, is the same divine personality, and they all share the same original myth. We start from Anahita — the Aryan (Ancient Iranian) Goddess of love and war known to humanity for 6000+ years. She is found later in the religious beliefs of the Mesopotamian nations and […]