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Cann’ Automatic Shares FAQ

This FAQ is to help with the automatic sharing functionality, available in your profile once you signup here (passwordless and free). We’ve all heard how an automated website can effectively ease the routine of social networking in a social network, and it can seriously increase the efficiency. This auto shares tool is a beautiful Showcase, […]


Marley NaturalĀ® company starts selling weed in Bob Marley’s museum in Jamaica

Marley NaturalĀ® company, owned and managed by the Marley family in colaboration with Docklight Brands, has recently announced about launching its first cannabis shop remarkably right in the Bob Marley’s former house which is now the Bob Marley’s museum, in Kingston, Jamaica. Image (CC0): Wiki File Museum link: Madame Tussaud Museum, London “Along with music, […]


The Rastafari Unpopular Facts

Rastafarians Do Not Say “We” for Plurality The religious meaning is that a Rastafari is a part of god, at the same time a living man, which is exactly described as an “I” (as the personal pronoun). Because everyone is an “I”, a Rastafari does not say “we” for plurality, but says “I and I”. […]