Clean Bong or Smoking Pipe Like A Pro

Have you heard about a HOW TO CLEAN A BONG problem? Of course! Once you level-up the medical marijuana consumption techniques and for this reason obtain a brand-new shining BONG made of glass, or metal, or a classic wooden one. Or alternatively it is a cool fancy wooden pipe for example.

Remember This Guy?

Col. Landa's Smoking Pipe
Colonel Hans Landa’s Remarkable Pipe from “Inglourious Basterds” motion picture:

Also Remember That Smoking Kills:

Smoking May Kill
Lieutenant Aldo Raine (on right) from “Inglourious Basterds” motion picture:

Al’right. You puff. You puff. You puff another day. And then you suddenly realise that it is unfortunate that nothing is as far away as one minute ago, and that means that your cool shining bong, which you already start loving, is no more transparent and after few days more it is damn dirty. Eh? Someone may think even to scrub off the inside to keep it for another rainy day. Don’t be that far ridiculous. And now it is better to clean it to its original glory!

Rule #1. Love Yourself!

Do not clean it with anything not-drinkable and not-eatable. For the love to yourself never do. Especially if it comes to a… say… a wooden pipe like that Landa has on the picture above. Wood may keep a lot of cleaning material inside its nooks and crannies. Then it vapours from temperature with the next usage and you breath it. Brrr!! Disgusting!

Even if it is still a glass or metal, it has small microscopic damages, and the bong normally has a complicated structure, where small pieces of cleaning liquid may settle awaiting for heating and resulting vaporisation. You breath it in the end, and this might be the enough reason for not do, alright?

Cleaning Is Very Easy

It’s one word: the Alcohol. Better to use pure, but strong one like vodka shall work also. Better not pour inside your bong whiskey or cognac, they both contain a lot of extras, but more pure one may work perfectly for cleaning. Like wodka or simply 100% alcohol from a pharmacy. In case nothing is available, then wait another day to have a break in smoking, how’s that?

And The Science Will Set You Free

Just pour inside and shake and the science will do the rest. Alcohol is perfect to fat to react with leaving neither fat nor itself (more-o-less so), and by that reason it perfectly cleans pretty everything and fly away pretty instantly. Idillic! Eh? Then only wash it off with plenty of water! Considering a tricky structure of a bong and a hard accessibility of wooden pipe’s parts, it may require open mind to invent the proper enjoyable way, but then we recommend to do some day right after smoking rather than before!! 😉

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