The Guide on Pacman ghosts and their Strategies against you

This infographic guide of Pacman’s ghosts is totally a dope piece of funny useful information! Hope you’ll enjoying applying it for building your game strategies, developing your tricks and mastering best practices for Pacman.

Didn’t you noticed playing Pacman that the red ghost tries to catch you more aggressive than others, he tries to hunt you straight. The Pacman game is here, no ads, only the game, and on this page we shed the light upon Pacman’s ghosts and their merciless tactics against you! Here we go The Guide:


Blinky the red one, originally named as Shadow. He is red by the reason he is the most aggressive one. When you are running around on the high speed keep an eye on this one. Blinky’s algorithm is to chase you at all cost:

Blinky tactic behavior in Pacman game. Red dude


Pinky is a pink female ghost, named Speedy in the first version of the game. She applies the strategy to surround and to ambush, so expect she’ll avoid direct collision, use it wisely when running away from Blinky.

Pink ghost, she is the gal. Cunning! Ye been warned


Inky was once Bashful, he is a cyan ghost. He can chase Pacman at full pace but may also wander away. Unpredictable also dependable of Blinky in this version of Pacman, as seen on the picture below. Considered to be the smartest in the Pacman’s fan theory, or a legend whatever we call it.

Inky the Cyan Pacman ghost


Clyde was originally Pokey. The orange dude. Expect he will act stupid, as far as rushing upon you then suddenly get into the wrong direction losing the whole chase.

Clyde the Pacman Ghost

Pacman a classic arcade from 1980s the golden age of video games. First time the original Pacman has been released by Japanese game studio Bandai Namco in 1980.

Fri, 01/May/20