Happy Pizza for stoners, the Phenomenon of Cambodia

Happy Pizza for stoners, the Phenomenon of Cambodia

In the heart of South East Asia, in Cambodia, marijuana is virtually legal, which means under religious circumstances one can cultivate a reasonable quantum of weed as spice for Khmer traditional cooking recipes.

One can use marijuana as a spice for cooking traditional Khmer (Cambodian) food recipes. Sources say, yet they are not many, about such legal provision. In fact, the SMBs in Seam Reap, Phnom Penh, and other touristic destinations, leverage this “legal vacuum”. Small pizzerias offer stoner’s weed pizza to tourists over the counter, no hiding.

They call weed pizza “happy pizza”

It’s not easy to find any even half-comprehensive legal piece of information about marijuana in Cambodia, the official sources do not offer English translation, the language is Cambodian (I think it’s called Khmer Language).

I’d only recommend do not forget the country is still foreign to you, there are issues like any other country. But, the weed pizza we ordered in the pizzerias in Seam Reap, and they were all in or about the Hospital street.

Happy pizza is about how to find weed in Cambodia

We’ve landed to Seam Reap, which lies next to Ankhor Watt, very close to the border with Thailand. After a day or two we’ve decided to step towards legal marijuana in Cambodia to benefit spiritual revelries of watching the Ankhor Watt stoned. We picked a small happy pizza restaurant in the Hospital Avenue in Seam Reap, and they all mention happy pizza in either way. “Happy Elephant”, “Happy Special Pizza”, and so on. We used Google maps for that.

Cambodian Marijuana infused Pizza aka Stoners Happy Pizza in Seam Reap Cambodia

Happy Special Pizza, Seam Reap, Cambodia, weed pizza

They serve happy pizza in a crazy way. They bring a regular pizza heavily topped with the enormous amount of marijuana, a little bit baked into cheese. A whole ton of weed, it looked like a handful of weed in pizza.

Cambodian Stoners Happy Pizza, Marijuana Traveler Report, Marijuana for tourists in Seam Reap

Happy Special Pizza, Seam Reap, Cambodia

Cambodian Wild Weed Pizza

The digestion works slow slow slower compared to when we light up. Keep it in mind every time messing with marijuana edibles. The marijuana in Cambodia, one we tried, was a crazy experience. Beautiful weed they grow under the generous Cambodian sun, I confirm. Weed is rich and wild in Cambodia.

Happy Elephants

In the Marijuana Restos in Cambodia They Offer Happy Hours For the Stoners Happy Pizza. Coooool

Happy hours for stoner’s weed pizza in Cambodia

“HAPPY” is the power word to find marijuana in Cambodia. We used Google maps, and other sources like social networks have the weed pizza restaurants catalogued. There should not be any problem to find a few and read reviews. They are called “happy anything”, for example, a “happy elephant” or a “happy Angkor” after the Angkor Watt. And, it’s still a foreign country for you, keep eyes open. It’s friendly in Cambodia, in general. They cook very delicious food, not only pizza.

To express the intention to get high we followed the recommendations from the internet and stressed that we want “happy pizza”, “make it happy”, these work as keywords to distinguish pizza from happy pizza.

Fri, 20/Apr/18