How to make Hydroponic Marijuana easy guide

How to make Hydroponic Marijuana easy guide

Growing hydroponic marijuana is a reasonable decision as soon as you have space and feel yourself an engineer. Just we do not mean an engineer building space shuttles but an engineer able to connect a water tube to a growing pot! Indeed, a hydroponic marijuana garden is that easy, and we are telling you everything we know about how to construct one at home. Loosely saying, understanding the basics of hydroponics ends with “where from” and “where to” you send the water. Hydroponics is not quantum physics, anyway, you surely make a try if you are passionate enough.

Hydroponic marijuana advantages

When we grow marijuana at home, basically, we want more buds but spend minimal effort on it. The hydroponics is for that, no kidding, the whole marijuana growing business becomes cleaner and easier, and your nugs grow faster and become bigger. A paradise on Earth for stoners? In general, yes, the hydroponic weed method is a great invention, existing since the 1600s, but of course, you pay a small price in cash and effort to make it happen.

The principal advantages of the hydroponics are:

  • Bigger potent nugs – the main pro!
  • Nutrients result in higher efficiency
  • Cleaner growing space
  • No rot in roots
  • No pests

Once the system is constructed and installed, you only track whether it is functioning well – this is where you set yourself a little bit more busy compared to the regular classic weed growing.

How does the hydroponics work?

The idea of the hydroponic marijuana system is in getting rid of the messy soil business, you use water as a growing medium instead of soil. The nutrients that your marijuana plants require for being healthy and rich with buds you dissolve in that water. Then, the whole hydroponic construction shall aim only to deliver such nutrient water solution to the plant roots. Simple as that.

Simplest Hydroponics painting of flowers by Roseanne Hayes

Simplest hydroponics (painting by Roseanne Hayes)

I bet, you experienced the hydroponic system before at least once in your life, when you put, say, Valentine flowers into a jar of water to let them stay fresh longer. And, if you ever applied a grandma’s method of adding a tablespoon of sugar and an aspirin pill into a jar with Valentine flowers, you certainly resulted in those flowers surviving longer – this was your first hydroponic system. In this example, you dissolved nutrients (sugar and aspirin) in water and delivered them along with water up the stem to buds and leaves.

Roots of Hydroponic marijuana plants

Hydroponic marijuana roots

For a cannabis hydroponic system, we repeat the same idea of delivering nutrients to plants in enormous amounts but more thoughtfully.

How to get started

Pour water with nutrients in it into a pot, where your plant sits, an extremely loose medium, like hydroton clay pebbles, allows water to go through continuously moistening the roots, as you poor the same nutrient water solution again and again. The roots take in nutrients from this moist as water passes by. The “used” water is collected underneath in a tank, but the plants do not take all nutrients in one iteration, so you pump it up again into the pot, repeating the cycle, and measuring the PH.

Ready-made hydroponic construction for hydroponic marijuana

Ready-made hydroponic costruction

Hydroponic marijuana suggests you grow it indoors, which is the classic way. Going hydroponics you win the relatively sterile environment, and you care not about pests, because there is no soil and no pests. Making hydroponics outdoors is possible too – your fantasy is the only limitation once you understand the idea.

1) You start hydroponic when you already have small plants, what we call seedlings. That practically means your seeds got germinated already, and you let them grow till the first two embryonic leaves are off, that is how you get marijuana seedlings. Having a clone skips this step and you put the clones straight into the hydroponic environment.

We promised you shall touch no soil with the hydroponic marijuana method, so you germinate seeds in a Petri dish and grow them till seedlings in Rockwool. Technically, you can send the germinated seeds right away to the pots with hydroton, but we’d recommend doing so after you experienced getting your first hydroponic harvest.

Clay pebbles hydroton for hydroponic marijuana

Clay pebbles / Hydroton

2) You need to fix your plants in the pots, but keep roots free to access water and oxygen. Growing medium for hydroponic marijuana is usually coconut coir crushed, clay pebbles aka hydroton, or a mix of the two. Using Rockwool is a popular option too, especially if you mess with clones. Some cannabis enthusiasts have already presented using carbon pieces as the hydroponic growing medium and they report it performs as well as hydroton.

3) Plant your plants into pots filling the space with the growing medium of your choice. You make it as simple as if it is soil, except that it is not soil but coconut coir, pebbles, hydroton, or carbon.

4) Prepare water solution by adding nutrients (provided you got one for the hydroponic weed from the grow shop, or mixed it yourself) into the water.

5) In this step you check the PH of your water solution, which you keep at about 5.5, and you need a PH meter for that. This you do mandatorily. Messing with the hydroponic nutrient solution, you can easily go wrong with the PH. A little more complicated than growing in soil. So you need a PH meter to grow weed hydroponically.

6) Then you put together Step 3 and Step 5 by managing to send the water solution, full of nutrients, through the growing medium in your pots for keeping roots all the time moist. You may need a pump working 24×7 or a scheduled pump with a trigger. A pump with a timer is going to be an extra electronic thingy to the system but you can skip it if you just deep the roots into the tray with the water solution.

Sir Francis Bacon and hydroponics

The hydroponic method works for any terrestrial plant, including marijuana. It got first discovered as a theory and method by Sir Francis Bacon, the 17th-century philosopher and poet, and the legal advisor of Queen Elizabeth I of England, also Lord High Chancellor of England. Alike many noble masterminds of that time he experimented in many fields of knowledge, including hydroponic farming and cultivation of (all) plants.

Sir Francis Bacon

Sir Francis Bacon

John Woodward continued the research yielding even more discoveries in hydroponic plant growing science.

Then, in 1859–1875, German botanists Julius von Sachs and Wilhelm Knop  presented the solid technique of the soil-less cultivation which we know as hydroponics, or hydroponic cultivation. Hydroponic cultivation is wider than indoor marijuana, it extends as far as future farms by NASA on Mars.

Hydroponic marijuana

A well designed construction for making hydroponic marijuana can be a pleasure to grow. With a little investment and creativity you’ll get an automated system giving you faster bigger yields of weed. The whole business will also be cleaner, almost sterile.

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