THC: Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol

THC Real Angry Bud with Eyes Cartton-Illustration

What is THC in a simple explain? It is an abbreviation from: Delta Nine Tetra Hydro Cannabinol, often referred more shortly as Tetra-hydro-cannabinol, which is already better known as THC. Technically it is a chemical compound, and the main psycho-active component of medical marijuana, a.k.a. MMJ, rather new abbreviation for the weed now taking trend. That exact thing which takes you high. And that exact thing delivered in trichomes — the holy grail for growers.

And this is a form below how the THC compound appears to chemistry brainiacs…

 Here we go —  The famous formula of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol so well recognised from millions t-shirts and touristic merchandise:

Psychoactive compound THC and its chemical formula in a doodle style infographics

How It Works

Everybody knows? You close your eyes, relax and imagine a green valley of goodness and a sunshine and a girl. If it goes easy then your mind is open and therefore it works. But if not much green or a light purple haze on the horizon or not a valley… Well, it is a quite highlighted thing in all kinds of motion pictures.

Now recall this?

South Park. Kenny's cheesing dream girl, the cartoon Steampunk Femme Fatal
Kenny’s Femme Fatale, Psychedelic Cheesing Dream
South Park series by


Stop right there!

Let’s better wrap it up in a form of:

Frequently Asked Questions about THC:

#1 — Where it belongs

There is a direct relation to a so-called “Weed Porn”. The most valuable out of more than 80 cannabinols in a regular plant of cannabis – the THC – is stored in trichomes. The quantity and the condition of trichomes define the amount of THC in buds: read more how determine proper time of cut by colour of trichomes. How erect them practically big: find out here. And this may be considered as a primary reason that trichomes are so much “photogenic” and desirable in all its close-ups and portraits: they are the fabric of THC.

#2 — What’s up about Chemistry when you puff

On molecular level the molecular of THC has a very proper structure (in that far molecular low level) so that THC-particles may perfectly fit to and may interact with specific cannabinoid receptors in human body, which were specially designed by nature to accept cannabinoids. These cannabinoid receptors form into groups to be a sort of sites, and these binding sites altogether are an endocannabinoid system (wiki), working 24×7 to exchange cannabinoids. It’s not exactly that human brain or body by itself produce ‘controllable substances’ and have a delivery system and this makes you high free of charge – not that. But the full system is compatible with THC by luck.

My body is a cannabis producing plant by itself? How nice of you, Mother Nature, but thank you very much anyway.

Then THC when achieves one’s brain cells it connects to the receptors of the endocannabinoid system and ignites the chemical processes and some of them finally change your behaviour along with way of thinking. The receptors concentrated in the parts of the brain responsible for movement, memory, and frontal cortex – the thing we think with. Obviously these three of your ‘properties’ are being altered when you puff. And it is individual if you loose part of memory or obtain new memorising capabilities for awhile: only remember that THC is not only component of a weed. Tons of them and they are all affect something on some chemical level. Stay reasonable and listen to your body carefully and no rush.

#3 — What is anandamide

Every time reading some FAQ in some other website one may think in a some similar situation, where you are now: is it a real-real frequently asked question “Hey buddy, I was always shy to ask you what’s up there with anandamide by the way”? It is said ‘frequently’ that may mean you are an average citizen, averagely like an occasional smoke of an average weed in a normal circle of average friends, but you damn can’t sleep to know what is anandamide. And which is more that this website is the only place to get this information, and this is how it became frequent. I think it can’t be true =)

The current study says that this is a problem:

Image source and a nice article about the subject

And this is below the original purpose of the system and those cells. For me looks pretty same, therefore maybe it is not a problem?

Image source and another great article about Understand-my-brain stuff

#4 — How much of THC in a weed

Should not we start with this one? Think 20-25% is a good quality for a good recreational weed in Amsterdam maybe some local cup winner even. Rumours state that in some countries the Government supply to Pharmacies and Dispensaries weed containing just few percent, maybe 2 or 5%, yet we have never checked this officially.

#5 — How THC has been discovered:

Professor Raphael Mechoulam

The name of the hero is Proffessor Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeli scientist, born in Sofia (Bulgaria). He has done to THC’s Science pretty everything: Discovered, Isolated, Fully Synthesized. As well as identified now already famous anandamide mentioned above in this article.