To marijuana marketers: “It’s not the Wild West over there”, FTC says

To marijuana marketers: “It’s not the Wild West over there”, FTC says

Ole Ole outs in free! The FTC, the federal trade commission, just spread around the weed community a friendly message about unscientific claims in marijuana marketing materials, which are allowed no more. I find it way significant, I suggest, for the marijuana blogs, in order to keep things reasonable, beautiful, shining, and — more important — in alignment with the law. Exactly the thing, which we all desire for our weed blogs and cannabis websites, no doubt!

I love the wording:

It’s not the Wild West out there

“It is not the Wild West out there” — says the statement on the FTC official website. It simply means, but is not limited to, that no one is allowed anymore to invent freely what medical issues cannabis solves, it’s over now, and it is good news for us for the cannabis market. Finally!

From now on the health-related representations for weed products, joints, edibles, and concentrates, are subject to the same established requirements of scientific substantiation just like any other product in the US market as a whole. The FTC applies the mentioned rule to all advertised health claims in the marijuana industry (I’m unsure if “spiritual effects” may hit the criteria to be a health claim, ha-ha, I’m kidding).

Exclusively trustworthy information must target the consumers, which is obvious if we want a sustainable market here. I agree, it’s already been making me sick too, as soon as the list of “alarmingly risky health issues, when you urgently need a patch of weed!” has already reached the point of a goddamn contest for the longest list of the scariest health conditions.

This FTC’s enforcement is supposed to sweep any unproven representations that marijuana products would treat unexisting sicknesses, including those marijuana does not treat so far, until such will be discovered or disapproved.

The Official List of the approved claims about medical marijuana is on the official FTC website, just one click away. And herein-below we have the medical conditions which medical marijuana does not help!. A few of them may seem questionable, however, the rules of the game so far:

the FTC list of medical conditions that medical marijuana products does not help

Well, we need to leave a disclaimer here, that we are a private marijuana blog, where the authors are just a gang of desperate stoners, but for the up to date information you always reach out to the FTC👍

Tue, 29/Dec/20