When To Cut A Bud

When to cut the potent buds from the cannabis plant grown with so much love. And the most popular and classic recommendation: When the approximately half of the trichomes change to amber (orange) colour. It does make sense and it really works. Let’s just find out the full iceberg of the cutting-edge cutting-pot technique.

When to Cut Cannabis Plant for better Quality of Medical Weed? Discover Professional Grower's Recommendations

As always it is a matter of taste and we recommend being experimenting with it. At least there are few more periods (or stages) when you can try cutting the cannabis plant and taste what kind of marijuana you’ll get out of it. Just compare them to classic ‘Half of Trichomes are Amber Colour’

Transparent Trichomes, Milky Trichomes and the Amber

Let’s see the earliest possible timing when you can cut your pot plant, half of trichomes on your buds are transparent, while another half is taking colour of milk. The marijuana from this sort of cut may probably give more euphoric effect when you smoke marijuana but for a shorter time. Plus: such marijuana shall have less deep taste, not as deep as if you cut in the Amber period. Just experiment and find your own solution.

Use of Microscope

The experienced growers really use it to determine the condition of trichomes with a help of this powerful optics. Yes, the microscope. With magnification you can clearly discover if the trichomes are transparent or milky. And this is rather discoverable to do with the bare eye multiplied on your experienc. But what the microscope really do – the precision! Catch the moment to see that the very top-heads of trichomes only slightly starting being amber color… Got that? Try to find your secret way of proper cut time – it’s really involving!

Growing Marijuana - Cannabis Sativa Trichomes under Microscope

— 1 — Young Transparent Trichomes

The transparent colour of Cannabis trichomes (Physically it is kind-of absence of any colour) just shows the plant is not yet ready at all. And the transparent trichomes hardly contain any THC, well-known to be the main psyco-active component of marijuana.

— 2 — Trichomes Become Then Milky

After that the colour of Cannabis trichomes starts being changing to be milky and looses its transparency at all. The milky colour of cannabis trichomes on the leaves demonstrates that the amount of THC is in its high maximum.

— 3 — Amber Trichomes

This is when the THC in trichomes is already starting being destroyed. Firstly the very tip top is amber like a small hat, which is well seen under microscope as it’s said before or just try using jeweller’s magnifying glass, which is 10x and might be working somewhat satisfactory, something you will definitely see with it (good pair of eyes is also essential of course))).

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Tue, 25/Jul/17