What can weed’do for you?

Websites that we make are trim, fast and reliable, effectively programmed for social networks. Being the best fit for all screens and smartphones, our websites respond fast and steady, even on a narrow bandwidth, neat, visible and accessible.

Why do you want wordpress

We use Angrybud’s propietary tune-up. We make WordPress to be your servant. No kidding.

We are older than the internet. We sky-rocket the performance, your website will be THE spaceship.

High speed. High health. Long trip. That will be your website. Responsive and Reliable will be every single detail.

Site health is the Site speed

The speed performance test of a website reflects the website’s health effectively along with the quality of code. It helps to understand what the developer is doing. This is what a manager wants. Try one here:

Site Speed Checker

Read this article to find out about the importance of the website’s speed. Responsive website must respond quickly and clearly, this is how your clients respect your website.

Portfolio Picks

Blackboard — a sketchbook and a graphic editor automated for stoners sharing art & fun into LinkedIn®

Auto shares — an automation tool and a universal control panel for reaching HIGH in socials;

www.thegoxbox.com — a business group, it contains the fully operational chess-game on the main as an “easter egg”;

www.angrybud.com — the fastest neat website on earth, scores 99% at google. “Shipshape!” and of a perfect trim;


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