Let’s use cannabutter: the 100% Weed brownie recipe!

Let’s use cannabutter: the 100% Weed brownie recipe!

Chocolate brownies do influence minds both figuratively and literally, and apart from weed they contain the chocolate itself already delivers high effects as it stimulates endorphins, and then the input of weed only makes high things seriously higher.

Cooking is art, ye be sure, and in the beginning you make certain you pick the world’s best chocolate!! for your marijuana brownies, and that’s how we reach the la-la-land.

Cannabutter brownies are the most classic of the weed edibles for a reason, but every time we face a serious risk – to eat the whole tray of the weed brownie mixture before it may even touchdown the oven.

We burn one down before the recipe, now let’s get started.

Ingredients to make weed brownies

The most important ingredient for making brownies with marijuana is chocolate. Of course, we shall need marijuana as well, but we suppose we have it once we are on the weed brownie recipe. The chocolate must be as pure as possible, say 70-90% dark. It won’t fly well with milk chocolate. Pure cocoa may work as a replacement, I love using 100% Peruvian cocoa, yet it’s hard at times to hunt one in the supermarket.

The ingredients for the weed brownies are pretty the same as for the regular brownies, but we replace butter with cannabutter. The latter already contains desired amount of marijuana, and it is “activated”: THC-acid is already converted to THC, trapped in butter fats, and the foreign smells are minimized. As soon as we are ready we put on the table the following:

  • Chocolate 100g (or 1/2 cups if cocoa)
  • Cannabutter 100g
  • Sugar 200g
  • 3 eggs
  • All-purpose flour 100g
  • Half a teaspoon of baking powder
  • Half a teaspoon of salt

Can you use cannabutter instead of oil?

Yes, the basic idea is to use cannabutter for the marijuana brownies, but you can also use cannabis oil instead if eating butter is not your best diet. Cannabutter and cannabis oil are interchangeable for the weed brownies recipe, just the taste shall be different. I’d recommend trying both ways because the cannabutter brownies are among stoner’s most classic recipes!

Do I need to decarb weed for weed brownies?

The weed must be decarbed, which is the very idea of making edibles with marijuana, including the cannabutter brownies. If you use cannabutter the marijuana trapped in it is already decarbed. But if you just wish to use buds, just throwing them into a bowl – that can be done, but you need better decarb weed then (totally not what Nancy did in the “I love you, Alice B. Toklas” movie).

How do chocolate weed brownies trigger endorphins?

The weed in the weed brownies set us high, that is the reason why we cook weed edibles, and this is what we expect from our cannabutter brownies. However, for the brownies, marijuana is not alone in delivering happiness to the brain! Chocolate per se is already a drug, it stimulates endorphins, so we expect higher effects rather than smoking the same amount of weed we use for the cannabutter brownies. Maybe the reason why brownies are the most classic edibles of all.

Chocolate helps to improve the mood, feel calm, and be content. It contains serotonin, elevates mood, and stimulates the production of endorphins, the neurotransmitters – that are responsible for the brain’s chemistry for feeling pleasure, calm, and satisfaction.

We can see marijuana in the weed brownie recipe is not the only “active” ingredient, yeah, but your THC in cannabutter unites the attempt with phenylethylamine, aka love-drug, in chocolate – thus, this brownie is not just a weed recipe, but the message about getting higher than high!

Directions for the cannabutter brownie recipe

The rest cooking directions match well the classic chocolate brownie recipe. There are secrets, of course! – we infuse the already-chocolate brownies with weed (or ¼ pound of cannabutter in my case) to enjoy the best and the most classic edible of all time – the marijuana brownies.

  1. Melt the marijuana butter (cannabutter) in a water bath, what we call “Bath Marie”. Put cannabutter into a bowl and set the bowl over the boiling water until cannabutter is melted.
  2. If you use chocolate, then melt it together with cannabutter in this step. But if you use a cocoa powder then you sift it and add it into the mix in further steps.
  3. Add eggs into melted cannabutter, and vanilla if you wish to enhance the taste. It’ll also decrease the smell of marijuana, but chocolate already does the job well.
  4. For an extra flavor, add it to this stage along with crushed peanuts or walnut, dried orange peel, or whatever you wish.
  5. Mix all well.
  6. Add dry ingredients carefully one by one: sugar, flour, and baking powder, continuously stirring at a slow pace. You should see a quasi-homogeneous substance in a bowl.
  7. Put the parched paper on a tray, and grease it with cannabutter slightly.
  8. Pour the contents of your bowl, and spread it evenly.
  9. Bake at 350 F, equals 180-200 C, for 20-30 minutes.
  10. If all is done properly, you’ll get the crust well visualized.
  11. Check the readiness with a toothpick – pin it into the middle of your brownie while the latter is still in the oven. Your brownie is not ready until the toothpick goes out clear of brownie particles!
  12. Cool at room temperature before serving.

How to use cannabutter to make brownies?

To use the cannabutter for weed brownies we mind the dosage. If you are an experienced stoner for life, you have nothing to be afraid of, but the overdose is easy to be reached when you deal with edibles (especially for the first time). You risk just spoiling the attempt, sadly losing the valuable butter, if you put a highly condensed cannabutter into the weed brownie mix – read more about dosage in the cannabutter post. If you need less cannabutter for sake of dosage, then mix it with regular butter.

Cannabutter weed brownies


Tips on making the best cannabis brownies

  • Do not over-beat the eggs. Otherwise, the eggs once over-beaten allow the excess air into the mix, then you risk your weed brownies becoming more like a cake, rather than being chewy.
  • Do not heat any edible, this chocolate weed brownie included, higher than 350 F, which equals 180-200 C because the heat may destroy THC and you get only brownies and no high.
  • Sift all dry ingredients, they are flour or cocoa, this will make the whole mix better mixed, and add oxygen to flour and other powders that you sift. Sifting shall ease the whole process, you better believe it, or you try both ways.
  • Choose chocolate, or cocoa, with love and care, do not allow any foreign ingredients in it. Using pure chocolate (70% and up) for weed brownies will result in candy-like weed brownies, but using pure 100% cocoa will make your brownie a fudge. Try either way.
  • It may sound too obvious, but the often mistake is – the brownie should be brown. Wrong chocolate or cocoa may give another color, it may be one tone into red, or invisibly greenish, but it is not right. Chocolate in chocolate weed brownie is the most important ingredient.


Tue, 20/Apr/21