What are Terpenes

Taking a walk and smoking in the environment where weed is still disgraced can become inconvenient enough because of that famous smell. The weed in your pocket or a backpack or smoked produces smell in a way that you cannot help it. We would wish to be discreet at times, but the scent is strong and merciless, it spreads out and identifies us as stoners. One may think that such an “aromatic situation” is only useful for the bees and cops, and a ecstatic pleasure when consuming weed. However, not solely.

The proper fragrance helps us to select a strain of the personal preference, the same way we choose fruits or coffee or cognac, whatever. The chemicals that are in charge for the smell in plants, including marijuana plants, are terpenes, where the marijuana plant contains the hell amount of these. That is why so many smells of weed we have on the market, and we love them. Besides, the consumption of terpenes has a medical application, also used in beauty products, etc.

What are terpenes?

These are organic compounds present in practically all plants, they give smell of flowers and smell of fruits, cannabis is not an exception. Studies indicate that there are over 20,000 different types of terpenes in nature. Amongst these, over 100 types of terpenes are in the cannabis plants. We question the amount of CBD or THC when choosing a strain for growing or smoking or eating as edibles, and we question the aroma, but we can know the preferences reading the terpene names in the description. Know your weed, yah! The cannabis market grows greater and the legalization spreads around the world, the competition gives us the opportunity to choose the odor along with other properties, and we make our choice wisely, hopefully.

What is the entourage effect?

Have you ever thought of how effective a strain is after you take it in? It might be as a result of the entourage effect. Studies define it as a synergistic relationship that helps with improving the impact of cannabis on your body. When cannabinoids and terpenes interact, an entourage effect is what determines how an individual feels. The outcome may work in terms of enhancing the effects of cannabinoids or regulating them to improve your overall experience.

The terpenes of marijuana

Here is a short list where one can start the exploration of terpenes.


Some strains aim at lifting your mood and providing you with a creative front and an inspiration to complete your work. These strains are mostly of the Sativa family and contain limonene more often rather than Indica. From its name we understand it is responsible for the taste similar to lemon, let’s call it a citrus fragrance. Other than cannabis, for example, rosemary and peppermint contain lemonene.

Also, consider smoking weed using glass bongs, it may help to accumulate smoke, mix it with air, and feel the presence of terpenes better. The same effect comes when you take wine from a wider glass with a narrower top, such holds the volatile molecules over the wine level yet preventing them from flying out of the glass for a while.

Click on the picture to discover Larry Lemon, the very implementation of lemonene, as its names suggests:

Larry Lemon OG Auto Feminised Seeds


If your stash has a pine tree scent or fir trees or orange-like, its composition has lots of pinenes. This terpene also occurs in many Sativa dominant strains.


This terpene occurs mostly in Indica strains. Myrcene provides an earthy smell that characterizes most of the cannabis plant types found in the world today. However, it may also be fruity and sweet. For example, the scent of grapes, and sometimes, it may have a gassy like fragrance like that of nutmeg.


This terpene’s identification is a spicy aroma similar to that of black pepper.

Also forms the famous Diesel taste when in combination with Lemonene and additions of Myrcene depending on a particular diesel-family strain.

Find more: Caryophyllene Terpene: Responsible For Pepperly Taste


Its identification comes from its musky or earthy fragrance and sometimes may include being spicy. The Mediterranean dish “humus” shares the same root in it’s name, I’m not sure which of these two comes first and which inherits the name.


It is characterized by its floral scent with a hint of spiciness.

Understanding terpenes is fundamental in the identification of different cannabis strains we purchase and use. Some terpenes enhance the high effect, some bring it low, and others have different medical benefits. And of course the best use of terpene comes of our preferences in smell, and now we know just a small bit more about the cannabis plant!!+)))

Love and peace.

Tue, 20/Aug/19