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Growing marijuana from Seeds versus Growing from marijuana clones

Fri, 02/Jul/21

Growing marijuana is a pleasurable hobby first of all, not a drug plantation for God’s sake, as soon as you grow it at home for yourself and for the loved ones. Growing marijuana is a wonderful journey full of admiration to learn nature and see how life comes from the very beginning up to the very end. Give all attention to every single marijuana plant which is raised from a seed, pretty much the same as it is in the natural conditions, right?

Seeds are about love, I think

Life creation is fun, learning all mistakes, successes, and discoveries — there is another beautiful benefit that you may gain making it from a seed: think about human life, we do not want to clone ourselves but prefer to make it “from a seed”, also gaining tons of pleasure and emotions, collectively called love. Growing from clones grows on me as skipping the whole important period of the full process, while growing from seeds is authentic and more manual if you wish.

Rules of the game

I suggest that if you shall have known the full growing cycle perfectly, you will be able to deal perfectly with marijuana clones as easy as automatically. This is the basics of education, how it works in all the fields of human activity. Riding a bicycle, learning a language, or growing a plant: before we bend the rules, we learn how to bow. We learn them, to know them perfectly to use them then. This is what growing marijuana from a seed gives us. Many growers and stoners report that once they step on the path, they already do not want any clones, but for the commercial distribution and knowing 100% of the rules of the game.

Riding a bicycle, learning a language, growing a marijuana plant: before we bend the rules, we learn how to bow. We learn before we use.

However, this is a totally personal choice to cook food from raw ingredients, obtaining them from a farmer market, smelling and touching every unit, personally contacting the farmer who raised them. Alternatively, there is always an option of buying in a supermarket, nicely packed and frozen. Aye, professionally packed and professionally frozen. Not bad, not good, but totally a personal choice and a personal preference.

In clones you obviously meet other men’s mistakes. Logically. But you obviously win all other benefits clones may deliver.

Why do we clone marijuana plants?

Nothing Unique Marty from the Madagascar motion picture
(from “Madagascar” motion picture)

First things first, we clone the female marijuana plants to be sure that the new plant (the new clone) shall be the female marijuana plant too. But a smaller chance for this when growing from seeds if these are “organic” seeds, but a higher chance if they are modified seeds, called in the retail “feminized seeds”.

More important, the whole reason lies in copying a hundred other traits of the marijuana mother-plant that we clone: taste, fragrance, resistance to pests or standing to the weather for “outdoors” or a climate for “indoors”. Also, the terpenes and the number of trichomes, the amounts of psychoactive chemistry in them, of course, and many-many other properties. We choose the plant with the best properties and copy her, and we expect to gain the exactly same set of properties in clones. The very idea of cloning.

Playing God

Playing with the “genesis”, which is the creation of life even though it is a plant’s life, is what you are going to do if you embark on cloning marijuana. Planting clones does not yet mean genetic engineering but one step closer to such.

You keep it in mind and realize that:

We know shit about biology, — Craig Venter.

Craig Venter was a leader in the Human Genome Project.

But for marijuana, along with copying the preferable traits, lovely tastes and the “highness” of the future buds, we copy the full bouquet of unknown traits, maybe unknown to science at all. Think, there is a reason why the whole natural process exists, however, there is another reason why plants actually clone themselves in the wild nature. So, marijuana cloning is not that far badass, ha-ha. Having a purpose, knowing the pros and cons, why not to clone, I think.

Marie Curie, the physicist (1867-1934) who discovered the existence of x-rays, found polonium, etc., two times Nobel prize winner, etc. She is known and referred to as a scientist who sacrificed herself. Her exposure to radiation while her research consequently led to serious disease, suffering and death. But I assume such did not happen intentionally, therefore it was not in a form of a willful sacrifice, but in a form of the undiscovered knowledge. She who unveiled the radiation to humanity, but much-much later found out what the radiation can do with the human body.

Think about.

Marijuana cartoon zombies, marijuana clones illustration

Marijuana plant is a living creature

? Do you want it to be a unique character or a clone?

The inventor of teleportation ((yes, it is invented)) said he will never step into a teleportation cabin…

Once again, it aren’t bad to apply for marijuana clones, not bad at all, there are pros and cons, there is a reason and a decision we make, gaining benefits. But for the comprehensiveness of this material, we’ll also advocate seeds a little bit:

1. Seeds are available on the market, clones are less. You can easily obtain a selection of predictable marijuana variants via the internet enjoying the secure delivery to the door of your home ((check the related laws of your country before doing so)). I don’t think that the clones can come to your home as easy as seeds can do.

2. Seeds can be stored for up to 3 years and still be viable. Apparently, a marijuana clone is already a living plant. Maybe another reason for the better availability of marijuana seeds on the market.

3. Even if you clone, you cannot escape from seeds. Sooner or later you will need to learn that the cloning from one mother is limited. Such works for a few generations, apart from the fact that you are into a continuous process. Then you clone a clone, etc, but some people fulfill the crusade quite successfully, like that urban legend about the “Alaskan Thunder Fuck” suggests, for example. But this is already almost science if you wish. You need knowledge about seeds as soon as you grow your weed, I think.

4. Marijuana plants raised from seeds are in general stronger. They have stronger roots, therefore, a stronger development of the whole system. They are resistant to the environment as they survive naturally, while their lab-created “sisters” are weaker and in general delicate, light-sensitive, requiring more attention once any condition of your garden suddenly changes. Simply compare a country-side guy to a megalopolis nerd, I am the latter but now live in a village, I know the answer, ha-ha ))

5. Marijuana plants from seeds can be (and they shall be!) frosty, stinky, nasty, containing the badass amounts of thc, cbd and whatever desirable compounds. Such is not a privilege for marijuana clones.

The List Of Mistakes That Beginner Growers Make


Mon, 20/Apr/20

You may go for for a trouble free experiment, simply put a marijuana seed of a professional quality (it’s just better to pass through beginner’s wrong-doings with a GOOD seed rather than some totally random one), so put it into a regular box with a regular soil, place it to rest onto the same shelf where the others of the house plants spend their lives. You will gain the wonderful feeling of growing something and see your first mistakes. Maybe you will even see the flowers, and at minimum you should finally get a very easy and a totally free plant holding 5-10 joints, good enough but made of leaves or maybe even some sort of buds, with just minimum effort for making it happen. I’d even suggest cooking it instead of smoking, a good fun and the efficient way, not to say a yummi way.

Not bad for doing almost nothing, mostly watching with admiration the full cycle: how the cannabis seed grows into a plant, to become a marijuana one day.

Alternatively, you wish a serious home cultivation of high-end marijuana for yourself and for your fellow buds. Consider some minimal investment of reasonable money or effort: seed as we mentioned, and some minimal gear: soil, electricity, lightning, building a box or buying a box, ventilation, fertilizers. And patience.

The mistakes that beginners really make when starting to grow marijuana at home for the first time

1). Soil Is Very Important

You’ve just excavated a jar of soil from your neighbour’s garden, and now you are confident this is it. The answer is still “No”. The random soil may not be enough for cannabis; the acidity may have a too high or too low pH level. Also “the soil from the garden” in most cases is too dense for cannabis; loose and crumbly is always much, much better for cannabis plant to grow good. Not to mention the insects and parasites teeming in the garden soil (Imagine?)

The only acceptable solution is: if you want to grow cannabis at home, if you maybe want to enjoy it with less trouble and maximum fun (like any other hobby, right?) then buy a pack of prepared soil and you will be generously rewarded.

The recommended level of acidity for cannabis (pH) is 5.7-6.2 for hydroponic and up to 7.0 for outdoor, along with a not high NPK where the Nitrogen dominates to allow more so-called green mass to grow.

Soil is important for cannabis plants, everything comes from soil or through soil, learn more about soil for your weed:

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2). Choosing A Seed

Here is another story, easy to imagine: You’ve got nice pot from some friends and you’ve found – Wow! It’s a Seed! – in it. And this has totally altered your mind … to start a growing career out from this exact seed! Please do not do this. Because you (maybe) have no idea what kind of plant it is. All the growing from this anonymous seed will be flooded with surprises and your hard efforts may end up with a really low quality weed.

Besides, there is another problem, that the seed definitely means a hermaphrodite plant. Because professional growers only grow female plants for certain reasons. The offspring of your anonymous plant will also have a lot of chance of being a hermaphrodite too and this may also mean low quality weed.

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Choose a proper cannabis strain by its features for hassle free growing. You may have specific conditions (how much time you have, what your nearest grow shop may supply etc., etc.) So choose a seed for these personal conditions from professional seed-banks. Purchasing a clone may also be a good move. Think how much you are already spending on equipment, lights, the electricity, soil – do not save on seed, illogically.


3). Acidity. pH Level

Watch the acidity level in water that you use for watering. In chemistry, pH is a numeric scale used to specify the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution. It is approximately the negative of the base 10 logarithm of the molar concentration, measured in units of moles per litre, of hydrogen ions.

For cannabis the pH level (acidity) may be 5.7-6.2 for hydroponic and up to 7.0 for outdoor.

THE HINT: Buy a pH-Meter. One for aquarium purposes may be used, but – as always – the one especially designed for growing is just better. If you can invest then it’s better to do it. You can sail by stars or you can add a gps, so the pH-meter is that gps, the wonderful invention … why not to buy a pH Meter.

Apparently you can mix a proper soil, or make it outdoors, and even get rid of a majority of ph-related headache, however when going with fertilizers and nutrients you’d better keep an eye open, make the measurement.

Easy tricks on Cannabis Soil you apply for better yields

Elements Cannabis Plants Want from You (How to Make Indoor Weed Naturally Natural)

Marijuana Hydroponic Garden Explained

4). Too Much Care

It’s easy to imagine from a Mom providing too much care that it starts to be already harmful. We’d recommend avoiding this sort of relationship between you and your Cannabis Plant. First of all it is a Plant, not a mammal, not a bug. Plants are slow! Do not fuss too much with it. Take a puff, relax, watch =))

The seed may grow up to 10 days. No need to dig it out twice a week (some people really do!!), unless you have a recommendation on your pack of seeds that the specific strain is potentially risky in this stage. Think about before buying cannabis seeds for the first time.

Don’t be too much Mom for your weed

There is also over-care with watering, as the cannabis itself by its general nature is quite a dry-resistant plant and it does not really require too much water. Check the top inch of the soil with the finger – do not water until it’s moist. Of course you may use another electronic tool for measuring moisture, but the finger works just fine.

Long story short: Always give it time. Don’t be too much of a Mom for your weed :=D

5). Cutting Leaves

You’ve heard about what it’s for and how to cut leaves. You’ve heard that it dramatically increases your future harvest. Yes, this is a problem, many high-end professional growers do not recommend absolute beginners use scissors from the first try. Excluding maybe the very obvious cases.

6). Give Space

While choosing the proper moment to switch from vegetating stage to flowering it is extremely important not to forget that the cannabis plant still continues growing up, having only a different speed. Leave space.

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7). Harvest Time

There are few methods to catch the right moment for harvesting, even quite high-tech ones – with the use of microscope, for example. You will probably find extra in this article: When To Cut A Bud. You may also use our e-mail below the page for any questions regarding the topic of growing. Now we are just going to share a simple beginner’s tip that may be somewhat of a ‘guarantee’: 60% of trichomes are amber, and 40% still remain milky white.

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Cannabis Poems Update: Maria Juana Your Charms Make Inspire…

Illinois' Hazy New Law Legalizing Recreational Use Of Marijuana

Sat, 11/Jan/20

The fresh Growing Tricks from the marijuana network are below in this page, scroll it down if no keen to poetry today. We present the epic-poetic update, two more entries into our beautiful marijuana poems collection, as it is an expression of our holiday mood, under obvious influence of the holiday buds. The latter is becoming more and more legal around the USA by the way (we congratulate Illinois, new law in effect since 1st of January) and all around the whole world.

Enjoy the stuff and the poetry

THE LIGHTER (cannabis poem, by, 2020)

María Juana your charms make inspire,

And capture my soul with care tho higher,

But ah!
Can’t imagine how stupid was me:

Don’t know where’s the LIGHTER, but know where are we.

And another very special one, and a very seasonal piece, for the roaring winter and the frosty nugs! Many marijuana growers in the Southern Hemisphere enjoy outdoor growing this time of the year but another half from the North are now forced to hide the plants into tents under the artificial sun shine. Here we go, the indoor-growing poetic instruction.

INDOORS (cannabis poem, by, 2020)

When braving angry winter storms,

The grimmest tent we raise,

Far in the shade my Gem will spend

Her first 12 hour night,

Away from eyes Eternal Light

Shall warm her body then,

The tyrant Death shall cut her roots,

When Amber says: she’s well.

Yass, the dope was good, so was NY celebration! All best to y’al canna folks!

For the indoor growing herein below are the presents from Canna Santa, that is about how to optimize the space issue for indoor weed growing, to let your girls grow well in a lower tent —

Reduce the Height of Cannabis Plant to fit a grow tent (Easy Engineering Solution)

No words, watch the pictures from the cannabis community in twitter: very special thanks to our twitter mate Tim for the solution demonstrated. It’s genious! We call it “Engineering solution”. Easy!

How to reduce the height of cannabis plant to fit a lower grow tent easy solution - indoor growing tricks
How to reduce height of cannabis plant to fit the grow tent – Easy solution

Reduce the Height of Cannabis Plant to fit a grow tent (Beautiful Artistic Solution)

Feel it’s not enough? Want more Art than Engineering? Okay! Here we go another solution — only look at it, it’s dope! and so artistic, and we call it “Artistic solution”! Suggested by the Coffeeshop_Guru. Only your fantasy may limit the shape of such, hahaha!

How to reduce the height of cannabis plant to fit a lower grow tent easy solution - indoor growing tricks
How to reduce height of cannabis plant to fit the grow tent – Artistic solution

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