How to grow marijuana from seed to weed

Caribbean pirates’ slang and their Grog recipe

The Black Jack was once a barrel, even a table, and it was totally not a card game as we know it now. A remarkable number of maritime words were not landlubber from the beginning, but they have migrated from and under the influence of the romantic image of the Caribbean Pirates. Whatever opinions exist […]

Making cheap organic Fertilizers for Cannabis

Speaking about “free weed” again, you can make cheap organic fertilizers for cannabis practically out of nothing, just reusing (recycling) the materials, which are already at home. That may save both time and nerve, making your weed growing hobby merely an adventure, instead of a buck-eating enterprise. More important, using natural organic fertilizers, like banana […]

How to grow weed from clones

Growing marijuana from clones is a natural process, even though quite stressful for plants. You should definitely feel the benefits of making weed from clones, while the whole deal is no harder than a classic from-seed-to-weed growing. It does not make you choose between a seed aand a clone, but knowing how to grow weed […]

Poems about weed and flowers

Marijuana and creativity gang together, and many witness it. Stoner poets write poems about weed and flowers, pothead artists flood the internet with beautiful comics about marijuana, or under influence of marijuana, or both. So do graphic designers, software developers, game creators, sound engineers, “potcasters”, and every kind of creative folk. “Weeds are flowers too” […]