Recent Marijuana Legalization in New York State does not support vapes

It’s unlikely that New York State is going to a complete marijuana legalisation this year, many sources predict, but the recent decriminalization however has just passed in July 2019. Now the cannabis law of New York allows (or more accurate – decriminalises) the possession of less than 2 ounces which is about 28g of a… ready original bud, by that leaving no space for vapes, oils, concentrates, and other “medical” means of marijuana consumption in New York. From the other hand — this Marijuana Bill is certainly a great deal for the home growers who can now breathe relatively freely until it is a smoke and not a vaporisation.

This new marijuana decriminalisation bill of New York State, sponsored by Senator Jamaal T Bailey, also reduce the monetary penalties: setting it to $50 if less than an ounce of bud in your pocket, and “one or more preparations, compounds, mixtures or substances containing marihuana and the preparations, compounds, mixtures or substances are of an aggregate weight of more than one ounce” is punishable by a $200 fine.

Legalization in New York State does not support vapes or any other medical marijuana except the original bud

Be warned about that this legalization in New York State which has just arrived, in practice it is still a Decriminalisation, which is a police record for you and simply ‘is not right’, and the more important message is: Attention! The Concentrates are defined separately from Marijuana under New York Penal Law 220, and the Bill does not change it and if one is busted for a vape pen or any other means of rosin or oil then it’s still punishable by one year in jail, and the fine $1000.

Why is so?

I think the reason is that it goes slow rather than unwillingly, and the economics is not the last thing. First of all, it does not look like the war on plants suddenly continues in New York, but these are all steps to the proper legalization. The city is a big melting pot, huge touristic destination, huge economic importance – they surely must be slow and extremely careful with the cannabis related decisions. This new Decriminalization Bill clearly protects the home growers and the personal use. Even though the vapes are for personal use too, but there’s another side of the Moon – the CBD, and both thc microdosing and cbd microdosing form now the most emerging part of the whole cannabis market, and I think it should be hard enough to predict the possible influence of total legalization if it is too fast in such a complicated economic structure like New York City, having no reliable reference, being practically a pioneers – nobody want it to go unstable. Okay now it appears like it is a strong and careful decision rather than stupid or corrupted or whatever else opinions may exist in internet. Making it all peacefully is important, eh.

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Dab Pens vs Dab Rig

Dabbing is a whole different world from smoking marijuana. While the tools and substances that are used in this practice are rather simple to use and straightforward, the tools that you use play a huge role in the overall experience that you have with your dab concentrate. Some people like to smoke wax without a dab rig. If you’re interested in dabbing and are just learning about the various tools at your disposal, here is a brief article on the two main kinds of dabbing devices and what benefits they can provide for you.

What Are Dab Pens?

When you first look into dabbing, you are going to notice two main kinds of dabbing tools that you can use: dab pens and dab rigs. The first choice, the dab pen, is a long, skinny device similar to a vape pen. It is designed to handle wax concentrates rather than e-liquids. (You may find some that can do both, however.) These devices were built as a way to make it easier for those who enjoy dabs to take their concentrates with them anywhere and vaporize them.

Snoop Dogg Vape Pen Cannabis Smoking
Vape pens may appear in different designs and of a different materials and quality, and are the very growing trend nowadays. Image from King Pen Vapes.


There are some clear advantages of the dab pen that help make them more desirable in comparison to other products. Here are a few of these notable benefits.


Dab rigs require you to pull out the bulky bodies, fill them with water, heat up the nail with an external heat source, and take a pull from the rig. When you’re at home, this process doesn’t really matter but when you are out and about, you can’t do this without attracting attention.

A dab pen, allows you to place a small amount of wax into the handheld body and smoke it without attracting attention. The smoke is typically not thick and you can take quick pulls to receive the effects you need without making it known that you are doing dabs. Overall, dab pens are very effective at providing quick and stealthy dab sessions for users.

Temperature Controlled

When it comes to dab rigs, the point of using an external heat source is to heat the nail up to the point that it is capable of vaporizing the wax concentrates. However, this process is by no means accurate and you have no control over the high temperatures. This can result in extremely hot vapors that are not great for your health.

Dab pens, on the other hand, are electronic in nature and will give you more control over your device’s temperature. This allows you to make sure that you are able to keep the vapors at the right temperature. You can experiment with different heat levels and their effects.


Dab rigs are made of glass and for this reason alone, you are not going to find any dab rig that comes with a warranty. This means that you are out of luck if anything happens to the rig while you are using it. Since dab pens are electronic, they do have extensive warranties that will keep your device protected in the event that it malfunctions. These warranties can cover long periods of time so it is important to look for the right warranty for you if you decide to purchase a dab pen.

What Are Wax Rigs?

Wax Nax's Wax Rig
Image source: @WaxNax

Wax rigs are glass pieces that feature complex water pathways and airways that are designed to cool down the vapors as they travel through the rig. Through an electronic nail or a nail made from another substance that is heated up using a blow torch, the wax is vaporized and then pulled as the user takes a breath, similar to a bong. These rigs are popular amongst dab enthusiasts who tend to vape their concentrates at home.


While dab pens have their own benefits, you can expect to see some improvements over the portable dabbing experience when using a wax rig. Here are some of the most notable benefits.

Stronger Hits

There are some dab pens that are known for being stronger than others but they typically cannot pack the same kind of experience in their body that the best dab rigs are known for providing. With much longer systems and the ability to melt down more concentrates at a time, users are able to take long, deep hits of their wax and experience rich, thick vapors when it reaches them at the mouthpiece. Some users can compromise for the sake of portability but other users are unable to give up the strong hits that rigs can provide.


While you may be dabbing with each of these tools, they all provide different results that give you certain advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for your own dab tool but aren’t sure where to start, use this article to learn more about each tool and what it will be able to do for you.

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