Marijuana in Colombia

Colombian unit of “Forbes” suggests that Marijuana market in Colombia is reaching 166 million dollars in sales by 2025. The very weed-growing place on Earth this one was ever before, and even more it is now, the whole lot of cannabis companies, investors and private marijuana enterpreneurs appear in the country since the government has changed the strategy towards legal cannabis. The very milestone for the whole marijuana industry happened in 2016 when FARC (the, so called, cocaine syndicate, indeed it was a liberation army) negotiated peace with the government, bringing peace into the country after 50-year long civil war, and, also allowing the legal cannabis business in Colombia to continue ever since as the lawful enterprise.

Drug-dealing image of the past plays a positive role for Colombia now

Colombia obviously bears a certain image of the drug dealing place, mainly for its cocaine exports going out for half a century into all countries all around the planet. Panama channel, the biggest maritime hub of the world, played its role in it too, and the clashes on the border between Colombian syndicate force and government troops of both Colombia and Panama happened all the time, the babylon news say so, people in Panama say so, governments say so. That was the place where the war on plants went beyond “the cops surpressing children”, but more likely shaped into the form of a real fullscale war between the armed forces, far bigger than just a rebellion.

From the other side, no doubt, “the Colombian” became the synonim to “the Quality” in the street black markets of all countries, from those involved into consumption of drugs. The whole story is getting to be already the ancient history quite quickly, the war has gone, the Colombian government signed the historical peace treaty with the FARC syndicate, and the president is eventually got awarded by the Nobel prize for this. All is well. The peaceful new age arrived upon the beautiful country and it’s time to set the clock to 4:20.

420 time in Colombia, weed truck marijuana loaded transportation
Colombian stuff means quality and it is 4:20 time in the whole country

Well, the past is the past, and now the un-intentinal strategy of making colombian quality trademark is a good card to play, the Canna World Congress takes place in Colombia, which is a good news for the nation, we shall hope it’ll grow into a big worldwide event influencing the industry. Here is the logic: the Colombian coffee, one of the best in the world, who may argue? and this fact clearly demonstrates the farming skills of the growers, the knowledge, the technology of the farming, along with Colombian soil and Colombian sun, are altogether the very proper combination.

Peace treaty with FARC

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, also called FARC, from Spanish Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, was formed in 1964 as a Marxism-Leninism war unit to oppose the imperialism. Ever since, all the way till 2016, the country experienced the endless fullscale civil war between the government and the FARC. It’s not the editorial of this website to judge which party was right’er and which was wrong’er, but the history of the world says both were badasses, with the only difference that only one of them making the official stats for casualities among and violations against civilians.

Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) Colours

Anyway, among other activities (like politically motivated kidnappings) the famous colombian drug trade was what FARC was doing to raise funds, having the well established taxation system in the territories of their control, allowing farmers to grow, mostly cocaine and weed also, and in exchange giving the effective protection from the government enforcement. So, in 2012, after 50 years of the civil war, the long-long negotiated started, resulting the national referendum and then the Peace Treaty signed by both sides in 2016 in Havana, Cuba.

It’s in your hands, of all Colombians, to decide with your vote to support this historic accord that puts an end to this long conflict between the children of the same nation, —

President Juan Manuel Santos (of Colombia) said, according to an Associated Press translation, prior to the national referendum on the peace treaty with FARC

The part of the deal touched the drug trafficking, so that FARC should stop making cash out of worldwide cocaine trade, and by that allowing the government to develop the rural communities, whereto they have had quite a limited access in times of war. And the drug legislation of the country has been changing along with the peace negotiation, of course.

Marijuana Laws in Colombia

In 1994 the possession was decriminalized in Colombia, by decision of the Contitutional Court, making the country to be among the first countries, like Uruguay, Netherlands, Portugal, Argentina, not many but they are a number, loosing the tention of the globally histerical war on plants. Personal use has become legal de-juro, and possession of 20 grams of weed for personal use are not prosecuted since 2012, and also this includes 1 gram of cocaine. Home cultivation of 20 plants for personal use is legal since 2015.

However, the anti-plant activists applied another attempt to limit marijuana use back again, when the government quite suddenly disallowed the use of weed in public areas in 2018, also enabling police to perform personal search and confiscation of drugs, including those small decriminalized amounts of porro in violation of the existing laws. Half a year later the consitutional court acknowledged the mentioned “enforcement” being unconstitutional, in 2019.

Do not forget to check on all laws, decrets, latest news before doing anything in this regard in any foreign country, it is not yet a total nirvanna in the world yet, many changes apply continiously, and especially nowadays they are frequent everywhere.

Law 1787 is the main on Cannabis Business in Colombia

The Law 1787, dated: 6th of July of 2016, is now the main document for the cannabis market in Colombia, allowing production, trade, transport, import and export of medical cannabis, industrial hemp, or other scientific purpose, and by far not allowing explicitly the recreational trade except of the personal use (which is not the trade) with the 20 grams in personal possession, and 20 plants at home.

The business activity on cannabis should be licensed, this law suggests, by National Institute of Control on Medical Substances, and in Spanish, in case you need it for search to explore more on the topic, its name is: Instututo Nacional de de Vigilancia de Medicamentos y Alimentos.

And yet another useful link would be the Association of Cannabis Industries:

Is Loadrunner a Marijuana game?

The stoner’s mindset is different, like any other mindsets, they are all different, that is why they are distiguished. And yes, Loderunner is one of the most Marijuanish games ever created by man, maybe sharing the glory of perfection to Super Mario and RTW, which are a certain dope too. And this is another beautiful new entry into our stoner’s game collection.

An often mislead that marijuana game is full of marijuana buds, but — nay! If a random stoner likes watching videos when baked, and not exclusively weed-themed movies, growing tutorials, or some seriously cannabis-scientific stuff. More likely they are movies bringing that random stoner higher, of course among others such may include podcasts and science. That is how stoners hang out, and this is the game to hang out!

Nothing can make the lode runner more perfect because it is already the solid perfection – the singularity in platform gaming.

Action Platform Masterpiece the Loderunner

Released for the first time thirty years ago, lode runner has demonstrated an instant success and is now already the OG of gaming, suggesting the immediate engaging for a gamer, you only start touching its simple-as-hell controls and in a moment one hour left behind, 150 levels are now your goal in life, be careful, hahahaha, it is HIGHly addictive.

Loderunner javascript color change
Click to play the game
(for desktops, require keyboard)

Loderunner, the running guy dressed in rastafarian colors above on the screenshot, does not carry any weapon, but he can shoot a hole in a floor and trap the bad guys as the hole refills timely. He can also trap himself or slip through the hole, you need shoot thoughtfully.

There were numerous mimics of lode runner game thru its history, and we think its gameplay is already comprehensive, its graphics is the best fit as it shows the playing field strategically clean, and the original game holds up today. Nothing to re-invent, and nothing can even make the lode runner more perfect because it is already the solid perfection, practically reaching the singularity state in platform gaming, no less.

Lode Runner is the puzzle and is the strategy

The game requires both quick reflexes and quick thinking, this is the action puzzle, you think strategic and you think fast. You see the labyrinth all at once on the screen and that enables the strategic thinking, like if you see the whole battle field, predicting bad guys behaviour as they hunt on you, you solve the certain puzzle just better be really quick in it.

Loderunner Javascript Game
Loderunner requires both Quick reflexes and Quick thinking
click here to play online (and requires keyboard)

You are to regain all the stashes of gold from the labyrinth, and in this version we replaced gold with the bitcoin pixelwork, and it fits the game nicely.

Easy to play hard to master

Loderunner is the type of games which we usually call “easy to play, hard to master”, the player may starts right away, and win soon the first few levels, getting loads of joy, yet even early levels slowly and pretty soon start providing a challenge.

This javascript version fits for desktop or laptop by means that you need a keyboard as a control, we work to add the mobile screen support. The version is from the open source github library, we publish it here to honor one of the best titles in the videogame history.

Loderunner javascript web game online
Loderunner is the Stoner’s game: it’s Easy to play and hard to master. Play online

You need to try it, it’s a dope.

Click any of the loderunner screenshots above to start playing “loderunner”.

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