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Anthocyanin in the buds, or Why Weed is Purple

When weed is purple color it means the anthocyanin pigment is present in the plant in significant amounts. Anthocyanin is a universal plant colorant responsible for red, purple, and blue colors, and evident in many fruits, vegetable, grains, flowers, and berries, like blueberries and raspberries. Anthocyanin suggests the vast list of health benefits, and medical […]

Deep Space Music Recorded by NASA Hubble Telescope

I just could not help myself from sharing this piece of art created by the Nature itself, or Gods whatever you prefer better. The deep space music has been recorded by the NASA’s Hubble Telescope! If this is true then it’s far beyond anything I could ever imagine in my mind. How it works: the huge individual stars visible […]

Complete Guide To Using LED Lights For Growing Marijuana

Using properly LED lights for growing weed indoors is the essential and vital for the plants and for the quality of the future marijuana harvest. Read how to avoid the common problems, how to choose a led-light for the best efficiency and how to install it properly inside a home growing space: proper distance, proper […]