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How To Dry Marijuana Buds Guide

You know how to grow and you’re sure you are good at it. Then you grow a nice clone-plant of nice sativa family full of positive genetics from the proper mother, containing proper number of trichomes and you know for 100% that you cut it right in time. Well done! What’s next? Marijuana Drying Techniques […]

How to make hashish

Hashish (or Hash) Hashish, and we also call it hash, is possibly the oldest marijuana concentrate we know, also can be made using none of any chemical solvents neither complicated machinery. It consists of trichomes, resin and oils. Take some frosty fresh buds, rub extensively with fingers, the substance left on your fingers is hashish. […]

The Guide on Pacman ghosts and their Strategies against you

This infographic guide of Pacman’s ghosts is totally a dope piece of funny useful information! Hope you’ll enjoying applying it for building your game strategies, developing your tricks and mastering best practices for Pacman. Didn’t you noticed playing Pacman that the red ghost tries to catch you more aggressive than others, he tries to hunt […]