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Download Stoner’s Cookbook App (Full Version)

Stoner Chef 420’s best marijuana edible recipes are now the cookbook app! Pay no more for cannabis edibles but cook them instead, in your home (make sure it is totally legal in your place). It is for android, available for download right now, free of charge, by this link: Stoner’s Cookbook app – Google Play […]


Anthocyanin in the Buds, Why your Weed is Purple?

Purple color of weed come from Anthocyanin pigment, a universal plant colorant responsible for the red, purple, and blue; evident in many fruits, vegetable, grains, flowers. Anthocyanin suggests the vast list of health benefits; and many medicine theories (traditional ones from all around the world and the official science too) use Anthocyanin historically to treat […]


Year 420 Historic funny facts

The 20th day of April today, which means a Happy 420 Day. We’ve pretended to be original, and you judge if we really are. We have approached year 420 in history and philosophy, even if some facts and figures are not too much marijuanish yet they are the curious facts for stoners to spend a […]