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Common Cannabis Plant Problems: Seeds, Roots and Stems

Cannabis plant may suffer a certain amount of problems and sicknesses, and this troubleshooting guide we have compiled as a practical advice to diagnose a problem, how to recognize and prevent the possible seed issues, root issues and stem issues. There can be also pH and water related leaf symptoms, but we focus on the very […]

What are Terpenes

Taking a walk and smoking in the environment where weed is still disgraced can become inconvenient enough because of that famous smell. The weed in your pocket or a backpack or smoked produces smell in a way that you cannot help it. We would wish to be discreet at times, but the scent is strong […]

Clean Bong or Smoking Pipe Like A Pro

HOW TO CLEAN A BONG problem, of course, it is a problem. Any shining brand-new or even a wooden pipe start crying for cleansing soon enough. Remember This Guy? Also Remember That Smoking Kills: After few days or weeks of use any cool shining bong is no more transparent and after few days more it […]