How to grow marijuana from seed to weed

What are Terpenes

Weed in a pocket produces smell, the scent is strong and merciless, it spreads out, and identifies the bearer as a stoner. The aromas of plants are produced by terpenes, volatile chemical compounds, which are smells per se, terpenes deliver aromas when we keep weed or smoke weed. What are terpenes? Terpenes are organic compounds […]

Clean Bong or Smoking Pipe Like A Pro

HOW TO CLEAN A BONG problem, of course, it is a problem. Any shining brand-new or even a wooden pipe start crying for cleansing soon enough. Remember This Guy? Also Remember That Smoking Kills: After few days or weeks of use any cool shining bong is no more transparent and after few days more it […]

Download Stoner’s Cookbook App (Full Version)

Stoner Chef 420’s best marijuana edible recipes are now the cookbook app! Pay no more for cannabis edibles but cook them instead, in your home (make sure it is totally legal in your place). It is for android, available for download right now, free of charge, by this link: Stoner’s Cookbook app – Google Play […]

Anthocyanin in the buds, or Why Weed is Purple

When weed is purple color it means the anthocyanin pigment is present in the plant in significant amounts. Anthocyanin is a universal plant colorant responsible for red, purple, and blue colors, and evident in many fruits, vegetable, grains, flowers, and berries, like blueberries and raspberries. Anthocyanin suggests the vast list of health benefits, and medical […]