Marijuana Stoners Make Websites HIGH

Slow stoners require Fast websites

The type of a web-developer for the website job: at the first place we consider the resulting website itself shall be the appearance of the owner in the world wide web. It is important when starting with the website to know what we want to see in the end, this knowledge forms the strategy. The […]

Marijuana Hydroponic Garden Explained

Before embarking to the hydroponic growing quest one must acknowledge that it is not very easy, despite the popular belief not easier than the other ways of indoor weed growing. And at the same time it is NOT a rocket science, and anybody can construct it or buy a ready one. How to make a […]

Babylonic SSL (https)

That is how Babylon works: it uses an emotion about safety and security, I’ll re-phrase that it touches one’s fear or enables one’s fear using a lack of our knowledge and often providing fake information on top. Let’s find out rights and wrongs about the “https”, more properly called SSL, secure socket layer, translated into […]