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The Guide on Pacman ghosts and their Strategies against you

This infographic guide of Pacman’s ghosts is totally a dope piece of funny useful information! Hope you’ll enjoying applying it for building your game strategies, developing your tricks and mastering best practices for Pacman. Didn’t you noticed playing Pacman that the red ghost tries to catch you more aggressive than others, he tries to hunt […]


Sinsemilla was her name, the bitch was hazy, drove men insane

Yet another weed poem by another artist, and it starts appearing like if we collect online literature, and this is a new entry to the marijuana poetry collection. The author however used the spelling SENSIMILIA while we’ve changed it to SINSEMILLA (from Spanish “sin semilla” which is translated as “without seeds”) and here is the […]


The List Of Mistakes That Beginner Growers Make

You may go for for a trouble free experiment, simply put a marijuana seed of a professional quality (it’s just better to pass through beginner’s wrong-doings with a GOOD seed rather than some totally random one), so put it into a regular box with a regular soil, place it to rest onto the same shelf where […]