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What are Terpenes and Why You Should Consider Them When Choosing the Right Strain?

Taking a walk to work or using the subway can be inconvenient primarily due to the pungent smell; the weed in your pocket is producing. Many are the times we wish to be discreet during transportation, but the scent leads to the identification of cannabis. Well, you may think that this is the only need […]


How to make ur own RSO, get rid of odour the fam concentrate gives

RSO – the Rick Simpson Oil, is now a very popular and efficient concentrate thanks to Canadian engineer Rick Simpson, the inventor and that is why his name is here. While his work in a hospital as an engineer managing the boiling room. He was not kin to cannabis those days, but his job occurred […]


The Cannabis Math Unveiled

This is only for fun, and it does appear funny — the mathematical equation for cannabis leaf is now discovered! Sounds quite ridiculous, but looks so-o-o cool… a true author of this is not much known, or better say “not found”. But then — it is published in Wolfram MathWorld and officially called a CANNABIS […]