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Weed numbers 420 and 710

Let’s shed light on weed numbers, and there is yet another important one: 4/21. “Why 420 and 710?” is a piece of good to know information anyway. First things first 4:20 or 420 is de facto an international marijuana code, recognized worldwide as a clear mark of a relation to marijuana. The fourth day of […]


The Names of Marijuana

Humanity gives female names to everything beautiful and also powerful. Like those magnificent tall ships of the past, the fastest trade clippers, the Christopher Columbus’ fleet, and the name he has given to the first island he has touched in Americas, the most furious hurricanes in Caribbean bear girl’s names so often, and among others […]


To CBD marketers: “It’s not the Wild West over there”, FTC says

Ole Ole outs in free! The FTC, federal trade commission, just spread around a friendly message about unscientific claims in CBD marketing materials which are allowed no more. That’s important, I suggest for the blogs too, just in case to keep things white, shiny and in alignment to law, everyone wishes on oneself’s website of […]