Marijuana Stoners Make Websites HIGH

Delta-9 THC explained

THC or Delta-9 THC represents the principal psychoactive compound present in marijuana. THC, as an acronym, unwinds to “Delta nine tetra hydro cannabinol”, its scientific name. In the market, however, and in everyday speech, we use a famous handy nickname for it: simply, THC. Delta-9 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is there in marijuana to make us high […]

Weed sketch-book got linked to LinkedIn® – Introducing Blackboard for stoners

This is the “Blackboard for stoners”, a new Sketch-book is a part of the connected services, and a Showcase about how to increase the efficiency and be effective in LinkedIn® social media network, and using the latter as a B2B platform then. So we apply the Official LinkedIn® API upon the WordPress-engined website (this one). […]

Classic Marijuana Brownie Cooking Recipe

Marijuana Brownies — the sweet tasty little chocolate yummies, the marijuana brownies are cannabis infused most popular edibles, at least the most traditional ones. They are like little wicked Gremlins having their own do’nots in the cooking recipe, which you never cross or it’ll be a disaster. — Do not overbeat the eggs, otherwise they […]