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What is THCV? THCV strains

THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) naturally occurs in a cannabis plant, first of all, and is a minor cannabinoid. A curious fact: as it depends on type of weed how much of munches we are going to have when bake it, this is most probably the matter of THCV amounts in the strains. Cannabis chemistry as always. So, […]

What I’ve learnt cooking and munching marijuana edibles

I’ve tried marijuana edibles for the first time in Amsterdam years ago, then in Cambodia, the beautiful experience full of discoveries, many agree that edibles give a different trip experience. In AMS in coffeeshops they were serving infused brownies, I’m sure they still do. I heard a lot about space cakes infused with marijuana, so […]

Weed numbers 420 and 710. Surprisingly 421 is in the list too

While we shed light on the popular weed numbers in this post, there is yet another important one: 4/21. But we start from the very marijuana urban tradition: “Why 420 and 710?” — is a piece of information good to know, anyway. Let’s start from the iconic 4:20 or 420, which is de facto an […]