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Delta-9 THC explained

THC or Delta-9 THC represents the principal psychoactive compound present in marijuana. THC is an acronym, which unwinds to its scientific name “Delta nine tetra hydro cannabinol”. In the market, however, and in everyday speech, we use a popular handy nickname calling it simply “THC”. Delta-9 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is there in marijuana to make us […]

Easy tricks on Cannabis Soil you apply for better yields

Mixing your own organic soil for growing marijuana is already a humble “scientific” job for a true hobbyist. Regardless of the expertise, you are having at the start, go on doing for in the end, your experience shall grow inevitably high along with the dope nugs, no doubt! If you are passionate enough, you shall […]

Moroccan “love candy” called Majoun, brilliant storms of laughter

Alice B. Toklas hashish fudge recipe, which we have discovered in her famous cookbook, has a strong link to the Moroccan hashish candy, aka love candy. It is called “majoun”, a traditional confection made of hashish, nutmeg, black pepper, other spices, and dried fruits in Berber cuisine, also found in India and Iran. Majoun’s primary […]