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Moroccan “love candy” called Majoun, brilliant storms of laughter

Populated by Alice B. Toklas, also known by the movie “I love you Alice B. Toklas” from 60’s, the explorer, the author, she gave a cookbook to the world as an ultimate summary of her adventures. The book includes a hashish recipes among other yummies, and is also a biographic cookbook. Might be dope! Moroccan […]

Sativa vs Indica — making the right choice, and why Cannabis Ruderalis is important playing its role

Cannabis is divided virtually into two groups: Indica and Sativa. This is where we start, the axiomatic rule. Nowadays the most of commercial strains are the mix of the two, however the wording stays and now it mostly indicate the future effects: calmness, thoughtfulness are for “indica”, where creativeness and energy is for “sativa”. Watching […]

Hydroponic Cannabis Growing Made Easy Guide

Due to the legalization of Marijuana across many states in the USA and Canada, the cannabis industry is progressing at a massive rate and is heading towards becoming one of the fastest-growing business sectors in North America. At present, people have also started to take a swing at growing cannabis through the process of hydroponics […]