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Easy tricks on Cannabis Soil you apply for better yields

This is already a small scientific job for a true hobbyist, if you feel passionate enough to maximize yields greatly by using worms, sand, clay or some your very own unique mix of nutrients. Quite an exciting quest – to design your own recipe for the best performing cannabis soil. The Easy Guide for cannabis […]


Year 420 Historic funny facts

The 20th day of April today, which means a Happy 420 Day. We’ve pretended to be original, and you judge if we really are. We have approached year 420 in history and philosophy, even if some facts and figures are not too much marijuanish yet they are the curious facts for stoners to spend a […]


SAFE Banking Act 2019 Suggests Banking Services for Legal Cannabis Businesses

The US House Financial Services Committee has approved the updated version of SAFE Banking Act 2019 which┬áit is not yet a law but a benchmark for the cannabis regulations providing the protection and guidances for banks and payment providers who are willing to work with legal cannabis businesses. S.A.F.E. is the abbreviation which stands for […]