How to grow marijuana from seed to weed

The Guide on Pacman ghosts and their Strategies against you

This info-graphic guide on Pacman ghosts behavior is totally a dope piece of funny, useful information. Hope, you will enjoy applying it for building your game strategies, developing your tricks and mastering the best practices. This open-source replica of the original Pacman game offers the classic high-strung game-play, which does not aim to keep you […]

How to make hashish

Hashish is possibly the oldest marijuana concentrate we know, also can be made using none of any chemical solvents neither complicated machinery. It consists of trichomes, resin and oils. Take some frosty fresh buds, rub extensively with fingers, the substance left on your fingers is hashish. This way they do hashish in India, for example, […]

Marijuana in Colombia (2022 chart)

The Colombian unit of “Forbes” suggested in 2020 that the marijuana market in Colombia should reach 166 million dollars in sales by 2025. How is the recent Legal Cannabis in Colombia going? In 2016, the Government of Colombia has negotiated peace with FARC, the world’s infamous cocaine syndicate, also referred to as a liberation army. […]

Common Cannabis Plant Problems: Seeds, Roots and Stems

Cannabis plant may suffer a certain amount of problems and sicknesses, and this troubleshooting guide we have compiled as a practical advice to diagnose a problem, how to recognize and prevent the possible seed issues, root issues and stem issues. There can be also pH and water related leaf symptoms, but we focus on the very […]