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Why You Want To Decarboxylate Weed For Weed Edibles

Decarboxylate weed is the crucial step, once you are about to cook your first-class buds or will it be shake (stems and leaves) for making good ol’ weed edibles. We know the great variety they are the edibles — marijuana tinctures, THC infused candies, brownies, cheesecakes, gummy bears or whatever else weed recipes, and they […]


Lessons I’ve learnt cooking and munching weed edibles

I’ve tried marijuana edibles for the first time in Amsterdam years ago, then in Cambodia, the beautiful experience full of discoveries. In AMS the coffeeshops were serving infused brownies, I heard a lot about, so I found the right place and I ate them few in one sitting knowing nothing how it would be, and […]


How and why to connect LinkedIn® to your wordpress website

This is a Showcase: how to increase the efficiency and be effective in LinkedIn® social network, and use it as a B2B platform. This is why we apply the Official LinkedIn® API upon this wordpress website to increase in visibility, to gain contacts and good relations with other members in the cannabis industry. This is […]