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Pirates of the Caribbean Slang and Grog in 1666

The Black Jack was once a barrel, even a table, and it was totally not a card game as we know it now. We recognize a whole number of maritime words as if they were landlubber from the beginning, but they have migrated into the normal use from and under the influence of the romantic […]

The Street Names of Marijuana around the world

Humanity gives female names to everything beautiful and also powerful. Like the magnificent tall ships of the past, the fastest trade clippers, the most furious hurricanes in the Caribbean bear girl’s names so often, and among other powerful sounds — Marijuana, which is an obvious combination of two girl’s names, they are María and Juana. […]

Cannabis Automatic: Social Media Shares and other FAQ

This FAQ is to help with the automatic sharing functionality, available in your profile once you signup here (passwordless and free). An automated website can effectively ease the routine of social networking and seriously increase the results expected from that social network. The auto-shares tool is a showcase, live and functional digital assistant, a free […]