How to grow marijuana from seed to weed

Pharaohs of Egypt tested positive on marijuana and cocaine, and their HIGH priests were stoners too

The German toxicologist Dr. Svetlana Balabanova has tested mummies of the Ancient Egypt for the drugs, and it’s positive as she demonstrates in her work the clear traces of cocaine, nicotine and marijuana (THC in particular) are present in tissues of the mentioned mummies. Another funny fact: none of nicotine or coca originates in the […]

Mary Jane, a weed poem, mocking Robert Burns

What would you do having an affection for poetry in your heart and a “purple haze” in your head? The combination of the two made us embark on a funny weed poem project. Eventually, we, the project team, tried our best to mimic Robert Burns, no less! It resulted in a lovely devotion to marijuana […]

Ancient Goddess of Love, the Aphrodite Star, and the planet Venus

Santa Ana, Inanna, Ishtar, Venus and Aphrodite, in fact, is the same divine personality, and they all share the same original myth. We start from Anahita — the Aryan (Ancient Iranian) Goddess of love and war known to humanity for 6000+ years. She is found later in the religious beliefs of the Mesopotamian nations and […]

Street names for weed in different countries

Using different slang for weed from around the world is fun, undoubtedly. Even though marijuana street names have developed within stoners’ communities in different countries historically for hiding, yet another reason for weed slang is showing devotion to cannabis culture. It is the same explanation, for why so many words exist in languages for playing […]