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The List of Mistakes that Beginner Growers make

These are not exactly mistakes when you are into growing marijuana on your own because they are more likely a learning process. However, the list of most common mistakes that beginner growers make exists, where reading it shall give you knowledge, and avoiding them shall bring your marijuana growing effort to a higher level from […]

Pirates of the Caribbean Slang and Grog in 1666

The Black Jack was once a barrel, even a table, and it was totally not a card game as we know it now. We recognize a whole number of maritime words as if they were landlubber from the beginning, but they have migrated into the normal use from and under the influence of the romantic […]

How to make Cannabutter

Cannabutter is a clear combination of “cannabis” and “butter”, also referred to as marijuana butter or weed butter. Cannabutter is the word we employ in the cannabis space for infused butter. Call it an industry standard or a stoner’s slang, if you wish, it does not change the idea: — Cannabutter is regular butter with […]