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The Street Names of Marijuana around the world

Humanity gives female names to everything beautiful and also powerful. Like those magnificent tall ships of the past, the fastest trade clippers, the Christopher Columbus’ fleet, and the name he has given to the first island he has touched in Americas, the most furious hurricanes in Caribbean bear girl’s names so often, and among others […]

Cannabis Automatic: Social Media Shares, how to control stupid robots in your favor, and other FAQ

This FAQ is to help with the automatic sharing functionality, available in your profile once you signup here (passwordless and free). An automated website can effectively ease the routine of social networking and seriously increase the results expected from that social network. The auto-shares tool is a showcase, live and functional digital assistant, a free […]

Malawi Gold Strain: a highly psychoactive cannabis sativa, is called “chamba” in Africa

CHAMBA is a street name for marijuana in Malawi, in Africa, and also a relatively rare cannabis strain reportedly bearing unique properties (of course, any weed is unique by some means). Originated from the North of Malawi, and under its official name well known as Malawi Gold. A shortcut: Malawi Gold Strain: Seeds Here Chamba […]