Marijuana Stoners Make Websites HIGH

Why do we connect LinkedIn® to a WordPress website – Introducing Blackboard Sketch-book for stoners

This is the “Blackboard for stoners”, a new Sketch-book is a part of the connected services, and a Showcase about how to increase the efficiency and be effective in LinkedIn® social media network, and using the latter as a B2B platform then. So we apply the Official LinkedIn® API upon the WordPress-engined website (this one). […]

What are Autoflower and what are Feminized Seeds

In the beginning, before any autoflower, a long, long time ago, there were three basic types of cannabis plants: — the first was Sativa, which has been evolving in tropical climates of Southeast Asia and Polynesia; — the second was Indica originating from the higher, colder, windier Hindu Kush region; — and third was Ruderalis […]

NYC is on the green side now ツ

Governer of New York, Andrew Cuomo, in the last day of March 2021, remarkably: hours before the Fool’s Day, has signed the historic Bill legalizing the use of recreational marijuana in New York. The document covers every aspect of recreational cannabis market, including selling, smoking, storing, growing, etc. — the NY Post states (pls check […]