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Producing Cannabinoids From Yeast Without Cannabis Plant At All

Cannabinoids can be grown without all that greenhouse mess, the recent discovery, they do it using yeast! No plant! THC-making and CBD-making now looks like a brewery business and there is no cannabis plant at all. For smoking we’d better have it classic way — Yay! — however the yeast method may perform even greater […]

Why do we connect LinkedIn® to a WordPress website (Blackboard for stoners)

This is the “Blackboard for stoners”, a new connected services, and a Showcase about how to increase the efficiency and be effective in LinkedIn® social network, using it as a B2B platform then. So we apply the Official LinkedIn® API upon the WordPress website (this one). It’ll work for visibility, proper contacts and good relations. […]

Pirates of the Caribbean Slang in 1666

One of the most romantic images of all time — the Pirates of the Caribbean. Pirate argo or ‘Pirate slang’ short vocabulary here we’ve got: SHIPSHAPE — is for anything in a proper shape and/or in a great order and worthy, also see the definitions for TRIM down below on this page. I hope this […]