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Marley Natural® company starts selling weed in Bob Marley’s museum in Jamaica

Marley Natural® company, owned and managed by the Marley family in colaboration with Docklight Brands, has recently announced about launching its first cannabis shop remarkably right in the Bob Marley’s former house which is now the Bob Marley’s museum, in Kingston, Jamaica. Image (CC0): Wiki File Museum link: Madame Tussaud Museum, London “Along with music, […]


Producing Cannabinoids From Yeast Without Cannabis Plant At All

Cannabinoids can be grown without all that greenhouse mess, the recent discovery, they do it using yeast! No plant! THC-making and CBD-making now looks like a brewery business and there is no cannabis plant at all. For smoking we’d better have it classic way — Yay! — however the yeast method may perform even greater […]


Why do we connect LinkedIn® to a WordPress website (Blackboard for stoners)

This is the “Blackboard for stoners”, a new connected services, and a Showcase about how to increase the efficiency and be effective in LinkedIn® social network, using it as a B2B platform then. So we apply the Official LinkedIn® API upon the WordPress website (this one). It’ll work for visibility, proper contacts and good relations. […]