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Caryophyllene Terpene is responsible for Pepperly Taste of Marijuana, also forms that Diesel Taste

Caryphyllene terpene is a Pepper Herbal Taste, Earthy Taste, Rosemary Taste by itself; it also forms more infamous Diesel Taste of Marijuana. Did you know it? When Caryphyllene comes in a combination with Lemonene (guess, it stands for citric taste) the odor blend smells like Diesel. WOW. Diesel taste is the medical taste Yet another […]

Alaskan Thunderfuck Strain is a legend of the cannabis space

“It has fangs that grow out of the fan leaves” Alaskan Thunderfuck Marijuana Strain, previously named as “Matanuska thunder fuck” or MTF, is a very famous one among the cannabis community and a very-very rare too. It’s a luck to spot one in a seed bank. The urban legend says the strain got saved from […]

Marley Natural® company starts selling weed in Bob Marley’s museum in Jamaica

Marley Natural® company, owned and managed by the Marley family in colaboration with Docklight Brands, has recently announced about launching its first cannabis shop remarkably right in the Bob Marley’s former house which is now the Bob Marley’s museum, in Kingston, Jamaica. Image (CC0): Wiki File Museum link: Madame Tussaud Museum, London “Along with music, […]