Marijuana Stoners Make Websites HIGH

Caryophyllene Terpene is responsible for Pepperly Taste of Marijuana, also forms that Diesel Taste

Caryphyllene terpene is a Pepper Herbal Taste, Earthy Taste, Rosemary Taste by itself; it also forms more infamous Diesel Taste of Marijuana. Did you know it? When Caryphyllene comes in a combination with Lemonene (guess, it stands for citric taste) the odor blend smells like Diesel. WOW. Diesel taste is the medical taste Yet another […]

Alaskan Thunderfuck marijuana is a legend in the cannabis space

MTF marijuana has fangs that grow out of the leaves — Alaskan Thunderfuck, the marijuana strain, previously named as “Matanuska thunder fuck” or MTF, is a very famous one among the cannabis community and a very-very rare one too. It’s luck to spot one in a seed bank. The urban legend says the strain got […]

Producing Cannabinoids From Yeast Without Cannabis Plant At All

Cannabinoids can be grown without all that greenhouse mess, the recent discovery, they do it using yeast! No plant! THC-making and CBD-making now looks like a brewery business and there is no cannabis plant at all. For smoking we’d better have it classic way — Yay! — however the yeast method may perform even greater […]