How to grow marijuana from seed to weed

Poems about weed and flowers

Marijuana and creativity gang together, and many witness it. Stoner poets write poems about weed and flowers, pothead artists flood the internet with beautiful comics about marijuana, or under influence of marijuana, or both. So do graphic designers, software developers, game creators, sound engineers, “potcasters”, and every kind of creative folk. “Weeds are flowers too” […]

Easy tricks on Cannabis Soil you apply for better yields

Mixing your own organic soil for growing marijuana is already a humble “scientific” job for a true hobbyist. Regardless of the expertise, you are having at the start, go on doing for in the end, your experience shall grow inevitably high along with the dope nugs, no doubt! If you are passionate enough, you shall […]

Marijuana famous people

This is the Hall of fame of famous people of the marijuana culture, and marijuana industry, also history. The list is ordered randomly, positions mean nothing. We are keeping this list updated, yet slowly. Raphael Mechoulam Dr Raphael Mechoulam is an Israeli scientist, who discovered, explained, isolated, and fully synthesized THC. Delta-9 tetra hydro cannabiniol, […]

What is 420, 421, and 710 all weed numbers

We, the desperate stoners, know the principal marijuana number is 420. It was once a schoolboys’ secret code for the “parents would not guess what we are speaking about”, coined in California in 1971, and since then the 420 weed number has evolved to be an icon, the jolly roger banner of the cannabis world. […]